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2019 Running of the Chuck Hamilton Memorial
2019 Chuck Hamilton Memorial Chuck Hamilton Memorial.jpg
Held on April 13, 2019 at Peoria Speedway in Peoria, IL
50 L, 12.5 M, 20.1 KM - Scheduled Distance

Did not start:

Did not qualify: Jonathan Brauns; T.J. Bolen; Rich Bell

Time of Race: ???
Starting Lineup Set By: Time Trials + Qualifying Heats with Redraw
Fast Qualifier: Ryan Unzicker - 12.223 sec.
Preliminary Feature Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({PrelimWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Heat Winners: Jason PapichBobby PierceBilly Drake
Qualifier Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({QualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Dash Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({DashWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Consi Winners: Dennis Erb, Jr.
Non-Qualifiers Race Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({NonQualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Margin of Victory: Race Ended Under Green
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: for laps - not available
Lead Changes: 2 among 2 drivers -