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Please remember, if you are uploading an image, to give it the following tag:{{Logo}}.
When entering in the field, enter in the File page name without the File: name.
Example: if a file is stored on File:Foo.jpg, put Foo.jpg in the box.
Also, type in Image Size here. Else, the image will show as 75px (which is very tiny for most logos).
Horizontal images recommended to be between 150-250px. Please do not go above 300px or below 50px.


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Enter length of track in miles in decimal form. For example, a 3/4 mile track should have a value of .75.
When this template saves, it will also render the length of the track in kilometers.
Also select what type of track it is from the dropdown menu.

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Select the year the track opened. If you don't know it, you don't have to fill it in. Then select whether or not the track is still in operation, closed, or razed (demolished). You will then see new boxes appear asking for years the track closed and/or razed. Like Year Opened, if you don't know the year, you don't have to enter it.

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Geographic Coordinates: If you can exactly pinpoint the location of the track on the Google Map, you will see coordinates "automagically" appear. Use the search field to help locate the track. If you don't know where exactly the track address is or if the track has been long dismantled, don't worry about pinpointing the location as by default the coordinates will match the town the track was in.

City should be entered manually, not required, but try to give closest geographical city if you can't find it. Note Canadian Provinces & South African Provinces are also specified under state, as is Puerto Rico (PR). STATE FIELD IS MANDATORY.



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Put your basic article in here. This will compose most of the left half of the article. This includes all section of a normal article - track history, series overview, references, and links to websites.

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If you have a URL that links to the front page of the track, and/or their official social media accounts.