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Context & Navigation This is where you will fill out information that helps us put the race in the right place on the site.

Most of these fields are self explanatory, but the "Season" field is both a bit complex and critical. A proper entry is a combination of the year and the series. Examples for that field: 2010 Sprint Cup Series, 1988 ARTGO Challenge Series, 2006 Busch East Series, etc., etc.

In the Race # field, please enter what race number this was in the season followed by the number of races in the season (ex. 4th race of a thirteen-race season = 4 of 13). If this is a current season, please enter how many races are scheduled in the season, not how many have been run to that point.

Lastly, if no previous race or following race exists (i.e. this is the first race in a series history, the last race, or the most recent race in a series), please enter null into the field.

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