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Race #5 of 6 in the 1990 NASCAR Sportsman Division Season
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1990 Wiscassett 150 NASCAR Sportsman Division.jpg
Held on October 3, 1990 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC
100 L, 150 M, 241.4 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 1 75 Robert Huffman Innovative Solutions, Pro-Cal Decals, Custom Material Handling(Team: Huffman Racing)
(Registered Owner: Kelly Huffman)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 56 running
2 9 81 Todd Bodine Diamond Ridge Motorsports(Team: Diamond Ridge Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Gary Bechtel)
(Crew chief: Brett Bodine)
Buick LeSabre 100 running
3 10 4 Dennis Setzer Automotive Products(Registered Owner: Jerry Ray Fox)
Ford Thunderbird 100 running
4 2 66 Jerry Knowles WJ Plemons Investments, Knowles Trucking(Team: Knowles Racing)
(Registered Owner: Joe Knowles)
(Crew chief: Andy Knowles)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
5 18 3 Kirk Shelmerdine GM Goodwrench, Sports Image(Team: C & K Properties)
(Registered Owner: C & K Properties)
(Crew chief: Dale Earnhardt)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
6 12 97 Marty Ward Precision Auto Sales, Ken's Quick Cash Pawn Shop(Team: Ward Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Brenda Ward)
(Crew chief: Maurice Ward)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
7 56 Jerry Hill Hill Motorsports(Team: Hill Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Willie Tierney)
Buick LeSabre 100 running
8 03 Jerry Rector Red's Grill, Trotter Bail Bonds(Team: Everette - Trotter Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Dub Trotter)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
9 11 17 Junior Franks Dove Stove, Franks Painting(Team: Franks Racing)
(Registered Owner: Bill Franks)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
10 14 92 Peter Gibbons Cal Cru Sportswear(Team: Gibbons Racing)
(Registered Owner: Denise Gibbons)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
11 57 Russell Phillips Mullis Well Drilling(Team: Mullis Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: D.L. Mullis)
Buick LeSabre 100 running
12 19 04 Bobby Woods Graph-Ricks Lettering, Screamin' Squeegees, CRD Race Engines(Team: Woods Brothers Racing)
(Registered Owner: Bob Lipseia)
Olds Delta 88 100 running
13 4 93 Tim Hepler Wooten Jewelers(Team: Hepler Racing)
(Registered Owner: Betty Hepler)
(Crew chief: Norman Negre)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
14 46 Forrest Urban, Jr. Dyke Tire(Team: Urban Racing)
(Registered Owner: Vernon Urban)
Pontiac Ventura 100 running
15 86 Denny Paasch Paasch Racing(Team: Paasch Racing)
(Registered Owner: Mary Ann Paasch)
Chevy Monte Carlo 100 running
16 85 Monroe Snyder Pro-AM Racing, Inc.(Team: Pro-AM Racing, Inc.)
(Registered Owner: Wanda Snyder)
Pontiac Grand Prix 100 running
17 8 15 Scott Jacumin L.C. Tyson Construction, Gradall Excavators, McCutcheon Motorsports(Team: RJ Racing)
(Registered Owner: Rita Jarjabka)
(Crew chief: Rita Jarjabka)
Chevy Monte Carlo 99 running
18 7 31 Mark Cox Longhorn Steaks, Lauren's(Team: Cox Brothers Racing)
(Registered Owner: Cox Brothers)
Chevy Monte Carlo 99 running
19 42 Doug Sanders T & S Racing(Team: Sanders Racing)
(Registered Owner: Evelyn Sanders)
Chevy Monte Carlo 99 running
20 60 Gary Everette Red's Grill, Allen Funk's Wallpaper(Team: Everette - Trotter Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Mary Ann Everette)
Olds Cutlass 96 running
21 73 Jim Vandenberg Tom-Cin Metals Incorporated(Registered Owner: Dick Bartman)
Chevy Monte Carlo 95 running
22 15 8 Robbie Faggart Donna K. Hager, DDS, Perfection Plus, R & R Paint & Body(Team: Hager Racing)
(Registered Owner: C.S. Hager)
(Crew chief: Harold Fagan)
Chevy Monte Carlo 87 oil line
23 99 Lee Tissot Randy's Auto Center(Team: Tissot Racing Enterprises)
(Registered Owner: Patti Tissot)
Chevy Monte Carlo 85 handling
24 17 65 Tim Roberts Blanton Tractor Trailer, Dairy Queen(Team: Roberts Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Eugene Leicht)
Chevy Monte Carlo 82 running
25 12 Tim Edwards Edwards Racing(Team: Edwards Racing)
(Registered Owner: Larry Edwards)
Chevy Monte Carlo 81 oil leak
26 20 16 Will Hobgood Hobgood Electric(Team: Hobgood Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Will Hobgood)
Olds Cutlass 76 rear end
27 5 Randy Porter Antique Furniture & Toy, RHS(Team: Porter Racing)
(Registered Owner: James Porter)
Buick Regal 68 handling
28 6 40 T.W. Taylor American Homecare(Team: Taylor Racing)
(Registered Owner: Lizabeth Taylor)
(Crew chief: Jeff Bucknum)
Chevy Monte Carlo 60 handling
29 16 41 Ritchie Petty Maurice Petty & Associates(Team: Maurice Petty & Associates)
(Registered Owner: Patricia Petty)
(Crew chief: Maurice Petty)
Chevy Monte Carlo 57 accident
30 48 Lane Vail Graphics Plus(Team: Wood Racing)
(Registered Owner: Gary Wood)
Chevy Monte Carlo 54 mechanical
31 3 54 Tuck Trentham Florida Pump & Supply(Team: Kar House Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Kar House Motor Sports)
Chevy Monte Carlo 51 accident
32 13 78 Gary Bradberry Bradberry Racing(Team: Bradberry Racing)
(Registered Owner: Charles Bradberry)
Chevy Monte Carlo 40 accident
33 11 Kerry Teague Radiator Specialty, Kanawha Insurance(Team: Kerry Teague Racing)
(Registered Owner: Kerry Teague)
(Crew chief: Douglas Murph)
Chevy Nova 40 accident
34 94 Roger Reuse Alabama Controls(Team: Reuse Racing)
(Registered Owner: Clayton Reuse)
(Crew chief: Clayton Reuse)
Buick LeSabre 35 out
35 5 74 Wesley Mills Terminal Trucking(Team: Waltrip Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Darrell Waltrip)
Chevy Monte Carlo 23 ball joint
36 0 Bill Metzger King Catering(Team: King Racing)
(Registered Owner: Sarah Metzger)
Chevy Monte Carlo 19 accident
37 1 Charlie Brunnhoelzl Carolina Race Cars, Trotter Bail Bonds(Team: Carolina Race Cars)
(Registered Owner: Carolina Race Cars)
Chevy Nova 19 accident
38 88 Neal Connell, Jr. Connell Racing Engines, Tops of Tallahassee, Speed Equipment World(Team: Connell Racing)
(Registered Owner: Joe Veisz)
(Crew chief: Joe Cantrell)
Chevy Monte Carlo 11 mechanical
39 29 Bobby Seymour Yerardi Racing Enterprises(Team: Yerardi Racing Enterprises)
(Registered Owner: Vic Yerardi)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0 accident
40 80 Harry Lee Hill Pilot Racing Engines(Team: Hill Racing)
(Registered Owner: Harry Lee Hill)
Pontiac Grand Prix 0 accident

32 Mickey Hudspeth D&D Tire Chevy DNQ
58 Mike McCurry Red Dot Stores Chevy DNQ
83 John Clagett Carolina Race Cars Chevy DNQ
Did not start:

Did not qualify:

Time of Race: 1h:30:22
Starting Lineup Set By: Time Trials
Fast Qualifier: Robert Huffman
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Margin of Victory: Race Ended Under Green
Average Speed: 99.594 mph
Cautions: 7 for 37 laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available
Fastest Lap: Unknown/Unentered