1992 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Chili Bowl Nationals.jpg
Held on January 11, 1992 at Tulsa Expo Raceway in Tulsa, OK
Missing Lap Data - Race Presumed To Run To Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 Sammy Swindell
2 Lealand McSpadden
3 Andy Hillenburg
4 Page Jones
5 Danny Lasoski
6 Dan Boorse
7 Ken Schrader
8 Mike Streicher
9 Dave Strickland, Jr.
10 Randy Roberts
11 Stevie Reeves
12 Johnny Parsons
13 Jerry Stone
14 Aaron Berryhill
15 Donnie Beechler
16 Gene Gennetten
17 Ron Shuman
18 Gary Howard
19 Greg Vernetti
20 Kevin Doty
21 Shane Carson
22 Pat Lysell
Failed to Qualify: Terry Holderfield, Andy Pierce, Steve Gennetten, Kurt Mayhew, Darrell Calhoun, Tim McVay, Dean Franklin, Ed Wilson, Mike Peters , Billy Wilburn, Perry Younce, Jerry Parchman, Barrie Valentino, Tom Eatwell, Jackie Burke, Ronnie Burke, Jr., Joe McCarthy, John Heydenreich, Terry Gray, Mark Stasa, Pepi Marchese, Scott Weyant, Ronald Kuhn, Robert Hanley, Wayne Brauner, Aaron Truax, Danny Frye, Jr., Roger Branson, Jr., Manny Rockhold, Robert McGuire, Corky Wheeler, Bill Eslick, Shane Stewart, Steve Newman, Bob Harr, Manuel Pina, Susan Spencer, Earl Walls, Marty Davis, Darren Crocker, Kelly Shaw, David Camfield, Eddie Lynch, Bruce Donaldson, Jim Parson
Time of Race: ???
Fast Qualifier:
Heat Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({HeatWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Dash Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({DashWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Consi Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({ConsiWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Non-Qualifiers Race Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({NonQualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Margin of Victory:
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available