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Race #3 of 7 in the 1993 NASCAR Sportsman Division Season
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Held on May 29, 1993 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC
67 L, 100.5 M, 161.738 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 3 67 David Smith Engine Pro, Smith Motors, Duron Paints(Registered Owner: Walter Tollett)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 4 running
2 1 36 Tim Bender Admark Graphics, Gillogly Chevrolet, Bender Racing(Team: Bender Racing)
(Registered Owner: Bob Bender)
(Crew chief: Bob Bender)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 63 running
3 2 22 Wally Fowler Tony's Restaurant, The Flounder Sea Food Restaurant, Knighton Electric, Clements Automotive(Team: Fowler Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Wayne Fowler, Sr.)
(Crew chief: Marshall Fowler)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
4 66 Jerry Knowles Knowles Trucking, WJ Plemons Investments(Team: Knowles Racing)
(Registered Owner: Joe Knowles)
(Crew chief: Andy Knowles)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
5 30 Scott Kilby Milpak Tag & Labels, VESCO Industrial Works(Team: Kilby Racing)
(Registered Owner: Bob Kilby)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
6 81 Jerry Rector Red's Grill, Trotter Bail Bonds(Team: Everette - Trotter Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Dub Trotter)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
7 21 Glenn Darnell Freeman's Stereo, Fast Track Driving School(Registered Owner: Joyce Darnell)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
8 0 Tim Neighbors Showgun Auto Body, Auto Palace(Team: J&M Enterprises)
(Registered Owner: Jimmy Neighbors, Jr.)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
9 43 Paul Shaver Sports & Imports Yorktown, Barrier Island Station, Black Pelican Restaurant(Team: Black Pelican Racing)
(Registered Owner: W.M. Jordan, III)
Chevy Monte Carlo 66 0 running
10 98 Lester Lesneski Mark III Financial(Team: Lesneski Racing)
(Registered Owner: Sheri Lesneski)
Buick LeSabre 66 0 running
12 28 Henry Benfield Budweiser(Team: Benfield Racing)
(Registered Owner: Henry Benfield)
Ford Thunderbird 0 running
19 15 35 Robin Caldwell Toy Caldwell, Swofford Welding, A & R Auto Parts, Freda Flooring(Registered Owner: James Swofford)
(Crew chief: Al Huey)
Buick Regal 0 running
20 33 62 Ronnie Grinestaff Grinestaff Racing Enterprises, Herr Pump, Lee's Paving, Bradley Construction(Team: Grinestaff Racing Enterprises)
(Registered Owner: Ida Grinestaff)
(Crew chief: Ida Grinestaff)
Chevy Monte Carlo 65 0 running
21 23 53 Maxie Bush Zupan & Smith Concrete(Registered Owner: J.B. Day)
Buick LeSabre 0
26 24 78 Don Satterfield Satterfield Racing(Team: Satterfield Racing)
(Registered Owner: Don Satterfield)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
32 25 05 Robert Wooten Carquest Auto Parts, Harris-Teeter(Team: Wooten Racing)
(Registered Owner: Dale Johnson)
(Crew chief: Dale Johnson)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0 driveshaft
34 10 97 Marty Ward Poinsett Auto Supply(Team: Ward Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Brenda Ward)
(Crew chief: Maurice Ward)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0 out
77 Stewart Ramseur Coldwell Banker of Denver, NC(Team: Ramseur Racing)
(Registered Owner: Bob Ramseur)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
95 Steve Clark Southern Imports Chevy Monte Carlo 0
8 Robbie Faggart Hager Racing(Team: Hager Racing)
(Registered Owner: C.S. Hager)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
31 Rick Ellison Ames Stores Chevy Monte Carlo 0
91 Henry Wallace Moncada Farms Chevy Monte Carlo 0
44 Jeff Ninneman Hoover Buildings, Pro-Cal Decals Chevy Monte Carlo 0
40 Mickey Hudspeth D&D Tire, Valvoline Chevy Monte Carlo 0
01 Shot Howard Union Fire Extinguisher, Shot Howard's Used Parts Chevy Monte Carlo 0
38 Bob Fox, Jr. Fast Track Driving School, Radiator Specialty Chevy Monte Carlo 0
60 Gary Everette Red's Grill, Allen Funk's Wallpaper Buick LeSabre 0
64 John Schumann, III Schumann Groves, Indian River Citrus, Clincher Gears Chevy Monte Carlo 0
27 Harry Page Page Sales Chevy Monte Carlo 0
10 Curtis Miller Shoney's, Kendall Chevy Monte Carlo 0
51 Ron Cox Hixson Construction, Waycrazy's Bar-B-Que Chevy Monte Carlo 0
79 Michael Goudie Chick'N'Deli, Muskoka Aircraft Center Chevy Monte Carlo 0
54 Tuck Trentham Deland Truck Center Chevy Monte Carlo 0
87 Mike Cope Baker Driving School Ford Thunderbird
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Did not start:

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Time of Race: 0h:40:20
Starting Lineup Set By: Time Trials
Fast Qualifier: Tim Bender
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Margin of Victory:
Average Speed: 149.500 mph
Cautions: 0 for 0 laps - not available
Lead Changes: 1 among 2 drivers - not available
Fastest Lap: Unknown/Unentered
This race, and every Sportsman race after this, started single file. Steve Clark crashed after the checkered flag.