1995 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Preliminary Night 1 Chili Bowl Nationals Qualifier.jpg
Held on January 12, 1995 at Tulsa Expo Raceway in Tulsa, OK
20 L, 5 M, 8.04 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 15L Billy Boat 20 running
2 31c Hank Butcher
3 16F Aaron Fiscus
4 1 Danny Lasoski
5 21 Jack Hewitt
6 Jack Runyon
7 7H Scott Hatton
8 7m Critter Malone
9 6a Tommie Estes, Jr.
10 3K Randy Koch
11 5D Randy Roberts
12 47 Jay Drake
13 55x John Starks
14 12 Rick Hendrix
15 67 Donnie Beechler
16 5 Cory Kruseman
17 1K Andy Hillenburg
18 V4 Brian Gerster
19 00 Donnie Crawford
20 91 Matt Rogerson
21 33 Dan Drinan
22 8 Burt Foland, Jr.
23 1az Jerry Coons, Jr.
Did not start:

Did not qualify: Danny Gish; J.R. Lawson ; Donnie Lehmann; Mike Schiesel; Jon Backlund; Chad McDaniel; Terry Holliman; Mike Ford ; Jason Leffler; Tom Boune; Josh Pelkey; Pete Davis; Jim Squires; Dave Strickland, Jr.; Carl Olsen; John Callahan; Doug Schenck; Robby Flock; A.J. Johnson; Donnie Moran; J.J. Yeley; Aaron Berryhill; Terry Tarditi; Dave Fisher; Brad Weber; Ron Kuhn; Mike Brooks ; Kurt Mayhew; Greg Paul; George Aimone; Roger Miller

Time of Race: ???
Starting Lineup Set By: Qualifying Heats
Fast Qualifier:
Preliminary Feature Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({PrelimWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Heat Winners: Aaron FiscusBilly BoatHank ButcherJerry Coons, Jr.Jack HewittDanny LasoskiTommie Estes, Jr.Critter MaloneRandy Roberts
Qualifier Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({QualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Dash Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({DashWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Consi Winners: Donnie BeechlerRandy KochJay DrakeScott Hatton
Non-Qualifiers Race Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({NonQualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Margin of Victory:
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available