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Race #6 of 7 in the 1995 NASCAR Sportsman Division Season
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Held on October 6, 1995 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC
67 L, 100.5 M, 161.738 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 4 74 Gary Laton Southeastern Material, Laton Construction, Carolina Trailer Supply(Team: Laton Racing)
(Registered Owner: Tom Laton)
(Crew chief: Kenny Radcliffe)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 9 running
2 5 98 Lester Lesneski Mullis Well Drilling, Mark III Financial, Loctite(Team: Lesneski Racing)
(Registered Owner: Sheri Lesneski)
(Crew chief: Doug Cruise)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 56 running
3 6 97 Marty Ward Hooters, SplitFire Spark Plugs, Litho-Craft Printing(Team: Five Star Racing)
(Registered Owner: Lawrence Ledford)
(Crew chief: Lawrence Ledford)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
4 14 81 Jerry Rector Red's Grill, C & J Auto Sales, Knox Signs Motorgraphix(Team: Everette - Trotter Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Mary Ann Everette and Dub Trotter)
(Crew chief: Lenny Green)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
5 12 31 Andy Thurman Akita Copier Products, Weight Watchers, Fast Track Driving School(Team: Andy Hillenberg Racing)
(Registered Owner: Andy Hillenberg)
(Crew chief: Andy Hillenberg)
Chevy Monte Carlo 67 0 running
8 37 63 Bill Meacham Pronto Auto Parts(Team: Meacham Racing)
(Registered Owner: Allen Accipiter)
(Crew chief: Charles Meacham)
Olds Cutlass 67 0 running
12 31 35 Robin Caldwell Swofford Welding, Fuel Curve Engineering, Turner's Family Restaurant(Registered Owner: James Swofford)
(Crew chief: Al Huey)
Olds Cutlass 67 0 running
14 10 91 Morris Bice Waycrazy's Bar-B-Que(Team: Waycaster Racing)
(Registered Owner: Mike & Janet Waycaster)
Olds Cutlass 67 0 running
15 30 62 Ronnie Grinestaff Grinestaff Racing Enterprises, Herr Pump, Lee's Paving, Rain Soft(Team: Grinestaff Racing Enterprises)
(Registered Owner: Ida Grinestaff)
(Crew chief: Ida Grinestaff)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
18 21 88 David Owens Pro-Cal Decals, Beaver Chiropractic Center(Team: David Owens Racing)
(Registered Owner: David Owens)
(Crew chief: Jan Owens)
Olds Cutlass 0
19 36 65 Johnny Mackison, Jr. B&B Metal, Ronald Leiphart Trucking, York Excavating(Team: Mackison Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Kristine Mackison)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
28 2 4 Wally Fowler Tony's Restaurant, The Flounder Sea Food Restaurant, Holiday Motors(Team: Fowler Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Wayne Fowler, Sr.)
(Crew chief: Marshall Fowler)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
29 15 44 Jeff Ninneman Kirby Chevrolet, Wateree Sportswear, JAE Racing Engines(Team: Ninneman Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Jeff Ninneman)
(Crew chief: Randy Ninneman)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
30 11 17 Mike Gault Thompson Construction, Quaker State, Cherokee Speedway(Team: Mike Gault Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: J.L. Thompson)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
37 1 57 Russell Phillips Hendrix Office Supplies, Graphics Plus(Team: Russell Phillips Racing)
(Registered Owner: Jen E. Phillips)
(Crew chief: John Phillips)
Olds Cutlass 16 2 accident
38 20 99 Steven Howard Midway Auto Parts(Team: Howard Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Jack Howard)
(Crew chief: Jack Howard)
Chevy Monte Carlo 16 0 accident
7 11 Henry Benfield Champion Water Treatment, Goodyear, Ken Schrader Racing(Team: Benfield Racing)
(Registered Owner: Henry Benfield)
(Crew chief: Ken Schrader)
Ford Thunderbird 0
8 26 Mickey Hudspeth More Than Trees, D&D Tire(Team: Hudspeth Racing)
(Registered Owner: Dallas Hudspeth)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
9 95 Steve Clark Southern Imports(Team: Five Star Racing)
(Registered Owner: Lawrence Ledford)
(Crew chief: Lawrence Ledford)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
13 83 Joe Gaita Captain George's Seafood, Fisherman's Wharf, Earl's Auto Parts(Registered Owner: Joe Gaita)
Ford Thunderbird 0
16 38 Bob Fox, Jr. Mobil 1, NASCAR Gear, Fast Track Driving School(Team: Fox Racing)
(Registered Owner: Christine Kielczewski)
(Crew chief: Greg Sacks)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
17 01 Shot Howard Shot Howard's Used Parts, Brand Furniture & Appliances(Registered Owner: Sam Holly)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
18 9 Larry Schwartz Behind The Wheel Video, L&M Larjo Construction(Team: LJR Racing Enterprises)
(Registered Owner: LJR Racing Enterprises)
Olds Cutlass 0
19 25 Phil Peppers Checkers(Team: Phil Peppers Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Phil Peppers)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
22 20 Ronnie Sewell WSOC FM 103.7, Horseplay Western Apparel, Rockin' K Rodeo(Team: Sewell Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Tony Sewell)
(Crew chief: Mike "Fatback" McSwain)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
23 41 Butch Mathis Paragon Plastics, Mathis Aviation, Amoco, Doug's Body Shop(Team: Mathis Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Butch Mathis)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
24 24 Don Wagner Community Medical Respiratory Service(Team: Labrador Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Bill Fitze)
Chevy Monte Carlo SS 0
25 55 Charlie Ford VISA, Lustine Chevrolet(Team: Charlie Ford Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Charlie Ford)
(Crew chief: Al Griann)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
26 8 Robbie Faggart Allison-Erwin Industrial, Congoleum Luxury Vinyl Flooring(Team: Hager Racing)
(Registered Owner: C.S. Hager)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0 withdrew
27 34 Curtis Miller InterMedia Partners(Registered Owner: Leo Hindery, Jr.)
(Crew chief: Leo Hindery, Jr.)
Buick LeSabre 0
28 19 Kent Baltzell Gallery Homes, Inc., Scout Paint and Body(Registered Owner: Lisa Baltzell)
Olds Cutlass 0
29 5 Kent Strickland Strickland Oil(Registered Owner: Kent Strickland)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
32 51 Ron Cox Volunteer Trucking, Coating Services Of Tennessee, Lakeside Engines(Team: Hixson Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Wayne Hixson)
Olds Cutlass 0
33 76 Bobby Costa Race City USA(Team: Race City USA)
(Registered Owner: Kevin Foley)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
34 75 Junior Green Green's Dump Truck Service, Cellular One(Registered Owner: Junior Green)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
35 15 Bill Jarjabka Graphics Plus(Team: RJ Racing)
(Registered Owner: Rita Jarjabka)
(Crew chief: Rita Jarjabka)
Buick LeSabre 0
38 00 Terry Cline Downtown Citgo(Team: Cline Racing)
(Registered Owner: Terry Cline)
(Crew chief: Jon Kerley)
Buick LeSabre 0
39 07 Andy Stone Simco, Savannah Bridge Company, Oglethorpe Speedway Park(Team: D-N-A Racing)
(Registered Owner: Emory L. Stone)
Olds Cutlass 0
40 37 Louie Littlepage Lacey Collision(Registered Owner: George Racile)
Chevy Monte Carlo 0
3 61 Shari Minter KERR Day Store, Kleenex, Torbert Trucking(Team: Minter Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Steve Strader)
(Crew chief: Tommy Johnson)
Olds Cutlass 0 withdrew

96 Hardy Browne Browne Racing(Team: Browne Racing)
(Registered Owner: Hardy Browne)
Olds DNQ
3 Bobby Oglesby Alside(Registered Owner: T.E. Hughes)
Chevy DNQ
39 Mike Ciochetti Huddle House(Team: Ad Venture Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Mike Ciochetti)
(Crew chief: Nancy Ciochetti)
Buick Regal DNQ
28 Scott Cross Draime Racing Engines, Bobby Allen Motor Sports, Hill's Electric Motors(Team: Team Cross)
(Registered Owner: James Cross)
(Crew chief: James Cross)
Buick Regal DNQ
6 David Smith Southern Outdoors Apparel, Humminbird(Team: Diamond Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Don Mecke)
(Crew chief: Don Mecke)
Chevy Monte Carlo DNQ
36 Burt Ingle Cheadle Art & Sign(Registered Owner: Donald Hall)
Olds Cutlass DNQ
08 Tim Davis D-N-A Racing(Team: D-N-A Racing)
(Registered Owner: Emory L. Stone)
Chevy Monte Carlo DNQ
86 Doug French M & R Racing(Team: M & R Racing)
(Registered Owner: M & R Racing)
Buick LeSabre DNQ
16 Johnny Spradley H&H Construction, Buice Auto Sales(Team: Spradley Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Donnie Spradley)
Buick Regal DNQ
22 Gary Everette Red's Grill(Team: Everette - Trotter Motor Sports)
(Registered Owner: Jeff C. McConnell, Jr.)
Chevy Monte Carlo DNQ
04 Joey Crisco Crisco Racing(Team: Crisco Racing)
(Registered Owner: Melissa Crisco)
(Crew chief: Melissa Crisco)
Buick Regal DNQ
14 Vic Kicera Clean Burn, Lancaster Mortgage Company(Team: Kicera Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Denise Kicera)
Olds Cutlass WD
21 Matt Mullins KFC, Fast Track Driving School(Team: Fast Track Driving School)
(Registered Owner: Mary Hillenberg)
Buick Regal WD
32 Claude Harpe Five Starr, Florida Sheet Metal Connectors(Team: Harpe Motorsports)
(Registered Owner: Everett Harpe)
Olds Cutlass WD
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Did not start:

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Time of Race: 58:36
Starting Lineup Set By: Time Trials
Fast Qualifier: Russell Phillips - 34.298 sec.
Preliminary Feature Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/{{{PrelimWinners}}}|{{{PrelimWinners}}}]]
Heat Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/{{{HeatWinners}}}|{{{HeatWinners}}}]]
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Margin of Victory: ~4 seconds
Average Speed: 102.930 mph
Cautions: 5 for 24 laps - not available
Lead Changes: 2 among 3 drivers - not available
Fastest Lap: Unknown/Unentered
The race was rained out and postponed for two days. Vic Kicera and Claude Harpe could not make the new date and Andy Stone and Louie Littlepage were bumped in.

Russell Phillips' lap 17 fatal crash is often considered the worst crash in NASCAR history.