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Race #11 of 12 in the 2019 Stealth Recovery ASCS Mid-South Region Season
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2019 COMP Cams Short Track Nationals presented by Hoosier Tires Preliminary Stealth Recovery ASCS Mid-South Region.jpg
Held on October 4, 2019 at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock, AR
Missing Lap Data - Race Presumed To Run To Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 2 9JR Derek Hagar
2 1 J2 John Carney, II
3 3 47 Dale Howard
4 5 23B Seth Bergman
5 6 17W Harli White
6 7 W20 Greg Wilson
7 9 16P Justin Peck
8 8 15H Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
9 11 D6 Cody Gardner
10 13 7 Justin Henderson
11 12 21S Carson Short
12 15 14K Kyle Bellm
13 19 17T Channin Tankersley
14 20 9$ Kyle Clark
15 17 44M Chris Martin
16 10 15J Jeremy Middleton
17 4 47X Dylan Westbrook
18 14 3 Howard Moore
19 18 12H Tony Bruce, Jr.
20 16 22 Sean McClelland
Did not start:

Did not qualify: Brad Bowden; Riley Goodno; Jeff Swindell; Robbie Price; Zach Chappell; Scott Bogucki; Blake Jenkins; Clay Dow; Charlie Louden; Ronny Howard; Monty Ferriera; Jordon Mallett; Koty Adams; Marshall Skinner; Brandon Hanks; Ernie Ainsworth; Tim Crawley; Dustin Gates; Hayden Martin; Blake Hahn; Chase Howard; Eric Baldaccini; Rick Pringle; Dale Wester; Avery Goodman; Joey Schmidt; Tucker Doughty; Cody Stacy; Wade Woolsey; Casey Carter; Mike Goodman; Pete Butler; Alex Hill; Joseph Miller ; Matt Covington; Cody Hays; Jason Howell ; Jase Randolph; Ray Allen Kulhanek; Justin Jacobsma; Brandon Hinkle; Kevin Hinkle; Hunter Poe; Tommy Snellgrove; Chris Banja; Mike Vaculik; Kory Bales; Dewayne White; Paxton Gregory

Time of Race: ???
Starting Lineup Set By: Unknown Methods
Fast Qualifier:
Preliminary Feature Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({PrelimWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Heat Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({HeatWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Qualifier Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({QualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Dash Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({DashWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Consi Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({ConsiWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Non-Qualifiers Race Winners: [[Special:FormEdit/Driver/Template:(({NonQualWinnersTemplate:))|[[:Template:]]}
Margin of Victory:
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available