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2023 Running of the Australian AMCA Nationals Title
2023 Australian AMCA Nationals Title Australian AMCA Nationals Title.jpg
Held on March 11, 2023 at Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway in Carrick, TAS, Australia
40 L, 9.68 M, 15.56 KM - Scheduled Distance

Fin St # Driver Sponsor Make Laps Led Status Pts
1 SA1 Tim Reidy 40 running
2 Q15 Matt Hardy 40 running
3 T22 Daniel Brooks 40 running
4 T1 Rohan Blair 40 running
5 N27 Shane Newstead 40 running
6 V28 Paul Sullivan 40 running
7 Q27 Bruce Marshall 40 running
8 T57 Nick Anderson 40 running
9 T14 Adrian Bassett 40 running
10 T13 Rodney Bassett 40 running
11 N91 Peter Markulin 39
12 T4 David Birch 36
13 T43 Anthony Wagg 38
14 T27 Jake Briggs 38
15 A1 Steve Price 21
16 T25 Hayden Graham 20
17 T3 Chris Breen 19
18 T98 Kayden McIntosh 17
19 T64 Adrian Jones 17
20 NT1 Raymond Kime 11
21 T96 Matthew Graham 2

N11 Shane Cartwright DNQ
T11 Damian Rose DNQ
T61 Dennis Davidson DNQ
T42 Dylan Cody DNQ
T12 Stuart Read DNQ
T34 Garth Stevens DNQ
T87 Ray Taylor DNQ
T5 Steve Lodwock DNQ
T23 Braydon Kane DNQ
T9 Hayden Preece DNQ
T77 Hannah Burford DNQ
T20 Shae Nichols DNQ
T35 John Smith DNQ
T21 Tarkyn Force DNQ
Did not start:

Did not qualify:

Time of Race: ???
Starting Lineup Set By: Unknown Methods
Fast Qualifier:
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Margin of Victory:
Average Speed: ??? mph
Cautions: ?? for ?? laps - not available
Lead Changes: ?? among ?? drivers - not available
Fastest Lap: Unknown/Unentered