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AAA Big Car Series

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 1929 Series Disbanded: 1955
Car Style: Sprint Car (Big Car) Region: National
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Unknown Most Titles: Ted Horn & Tommy Hinnershitz (5)
Number of Races: 211 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: IN PROGRESS
The series went on hiatus from 1942-1945 due to World War II.

The 1946 season was the first season back after World War II, the AAA Contest Board, in fear of having low car counts, decided to count the 6 events of the 1946 AAA Champ Car Series as part of the season. Thus making the event count 77 races for the season. The car counts did not suffer as expected, so in December of 1946 the Contest Board decided to only count the initial 71 races scheduled. Official records only count these 71 races and therefore we will only count those races for the 1946 season.

Following the closure of the AAA Contest Board after the 1955 season, the United States Auto Club was formed and took over the series. Thus starting the, statistically separate, USAC Sprint Car Series.

We are still missing a lot of information, if you have results or a complete race listing, please contact us.

Season Division Races Champion Margin Most Wins
1929 Pacific Mel Kenealy
1930 Pacific Francis Quinn
1931 Pacific Ernie Triplett
1932 Eastern Bryan Saulpaugh
Pacific Ernie Triplett
1933 Eastern Bob Sall
Midwest Chet Gardner
Pacific Al Gordon
1934 Eastern Johnny Hannon
Midwest Al Theisen
Pacific Rex Mays
1935 Eastern Doc MacKenzie
Midwest Babe Stapp
Pacific Rex Mays
1936 Eastern Frank Bailey
Midwest Rex Mays
South Bob Sall
1937 Eastern Frankie Beeder
Midwest Rex Mays
1938 Eastern Duke Nalon
Midwest Ted Horn
1939 Eastern Joie Chitwood
Midwest Ted Horn
1940 Eastern Joie Chitwood
Midwest Emil Andres
1941 Eastern Bill Holland
Midwest Duke Nalon
1946 71 Ted Horn Ted Horn (19)
1947 Eastern 57 Ted Horn Ted Horn (20)
Midwest 15 Johnny Shackleford Spider Webb (4)
1948 Eastern Ted Horn
Midwest Spider Webb
1949 Eastern Tommy Hinnershitz
Midwest Jackie Holmes
Pacific 8 Johnny Mantz Johnny Mantz (6)
1950 Eastern Tommy Hinnershitz
Midwest Duane Carter
Pacific Andy Linden
1951 Eastern Tommy Hinnershitz
Midwest Troy Ruttman
Pacific Troy Ruttman
1952 Eastern Tommy Hinnershitz
Midwest Joe James (MS)
Pacific Troy Ruttman
1953 Eastern Joe Sostilio
Midwest 27 Pat O'Connor Pat O'Connor (6)
1954 Eastern Johnny Thomson
Midwest 19 Pat O'Connor Pat O'Connor (5)
1955 Eastern Tommy Hinnershitz
Midwest 14 Bob Sweikert