All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST 410 Sprint Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series; Kistler Racing Products FAST 410 Championship Series; Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series presented by Engine Pro and PAC Valve Springs; Kistler Racing Products FAST 410 Championship Series presented by Engine Pro and K S Sales & Service; Kistler Racing Products FAST 410 Series presented by K S Sales & Service
Series Founded: 2010 Series active!
Car Style: 410 Sprint Car Region: Central Ohio
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Byron Reed (25) Most Titles: Byron Reed (4)
Number of Races: 162 Number of Drivers: 131
Project Status: COMPLETE
In March 2017, The Third Turn published the full results to the series history up to that point and will continue to cover the series moving forward.
Zach Ames Chris Andrews (OH) Joe Armbruster Caleb Armstrong Brady Bacon Chase Baker (OH)
Kyle Baker Mike Baker (MI) Dave Baumgartner Keith Baxter Tony Beaber Christopher Bell
Roddy Bellbowen Ron Blair Dale Blaney Dave Blaney Chad Blonde Brad Bowman
Chase Briscoe Ryan Broughton Stuart Brubaker Mike Burkin Mike Burns (MI) Matt Butler (AU)
Steve Butler Rob Chaney Brent Coffman Cale Conley Kory Crabtree Roger Crockett
Scott Curren Dustin Daggett Gregg Dalman Shawn Dancer Kris Davis Bryce Dickson
Bobby Distel Vincent Dougherty Paul Dues Cole Duncan Mike Dussel Nate Dussel
Scott Euler Taylor Ferns D.J. Foos Brayden Fox Ryan French Jarrett Gerber
David Gravel Ben Gregg Chad Gullett Tyler Gunn Trey Gustin Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
Derek Hagar Brandon Hanks Randy Hannagan Mitch Harble David Harrison Brad Haudenschild
Jac Haudenschild Sheldon Haudenschild JoJo Helberg Caleb Helms Justin Henderson (SD) Cap Henry
Dallas Hewitt Aaron Higgins Tracy Hines Danny Holtgraver Jared Horstman Rodney Hurst
Mark Imler John Ivy Dean Jacobs Kenny Jacobs Lee Jacobs Trey Jacobs
Kirk Jeffries Todd Kane Jeremy Keegan Chad Kemenah Dylan Kingan Kody Kinser
Ryan Kirkendall Michael Kofoid Brian Lay Kevin Lee (OH) Jimmy Light Matt Linder
Mike Linder Joe Lockhart Darren Long Dane Lorenc Critter Malone Alex Martin
Brandon Martin (OH) Broc Martin Brinton Marvel Brock Mayes Jerry McClure Boston Mead
Thomas Meseraull Jason Meyers T.J. Michael Mike Miller (PA) Craig Mintz (OH) Josh Mohr
Bill Morrison Danny Mumaw Frankie Nervo D.J. Netto Bryan Nuckles Andrew Palker
Travis Philo Kyle Pitts Chris Plascak Paige Polyak Jeremy Powley Byron Reed
Aaron Reutzel Bruce Robenalt Robert Robenalt Ryan Ruhl Jordan Ryan Kyle Sauder
Bryan Saulsberry Hunter Schuerenberg Bryan Sebetto Aaron Shaffer Tim Shaffer Andy Shammo
Aaron Smith (OH) Brian Smith (OH) Danny Smith (OH) Jack Sodeman, Jr. Kris Spitz Max Stambaugh
Shane Stewart Jess Stiger Chase Stockon Kody Swanson Jeff Swindell Brooke Tatnell
Gary Taylor (WA) Mike Terry, Jr. Cale Thomas Miranda Throckmorton Ty Tilton Joe Trenca
Bob Tucker (OH) Troy Vaccaro Shawn Valenti Dennis Wagner Austen Wheatley Bruce White (AU)
Cody White (OH) Stuart Williams Greg Wilson (OH) Brandon Wimmer Mitchell Wormall Duane Zablocki
162 drivers have competed in the All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads FAST 410 Sprint Series.