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All Star Circuit of Champions

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: All Star Circuit of Champions (1981-1991; 1998-2003; 2005-2006); Club All Star Circuit of Champions (1992-1995); United Expressline All Star Circuit of Champions (1996); Frigidaire All Star Circuit of Champions (1997); Haulmark All Star Circuit of Champions (2004); O'Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions (2007-2011); UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions (2012-2016); Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions (2017); Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 (2018); Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 (2019-2020); FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 (2021-Mar 2022); Tezos All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 (2022-present)
Series Founded: 1970 Series active!
Car Style: Sprint Car (410 Winged) Region: East & Midwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Dale Blaney (134) Most Titles: Chad Kemenah & Dale Blaney (6)
Number of Races: 2050 Number of Drivers: 2444
Project Status: IN PROGRESS
In May 2018, The Third Turn published our first version of this series' history. It started in 1970, was dormant in 1971 and 1972, and returned to being active in 1973 before taking a hiatus until 1980, when the name was resurrected to apply to the fledgling Midwest Outlaw Sprint Series (MOSS). It does not appear the series counts MOSS' inaugural year of 1979 towards statistics, but does include both eras of series history even though there were two different ownership groups.

Latest Update (12/19/2021): Every race with corresponding track & winner is in the database from 1981 forwards. Complete results are available for 1996-present.
Casey Abbas Pete Abel Rico Abreu Gene Ackland Dean Adams Jordan Adams
Justin Adams (OH) Kenny Adams (FL) Travis Adams (KS) Adam Adamson Bobbie Adamson Bobby Adamson
Bobby Adkins Daniel Adler Jon Agan Ed Aikin Ernie Ainsworth Andrew Albrecht
Nick Alden A.J. Aldrich David Aldrich Mark Aldrich Tim Aldrich Warren Alexson
Jonathan Allard Bobby Allen (PA) Eric Allen Jacob Allen Joey Allen Rocky Allen
Sport Allen Todd Allen (PA) Billy Alley Tim Allison Matt Alloway John Althouse
Austin Alumbaugh Elliot Amdahl Zach Ames Tim Ammon Adam Anderson Becca Anderson
Billy Anderson (MN) Jessica Anderson Johnny Anderson (IA) Keith Anderson Kip Anderson Ryan Anderson (IA)
Sye Anderson Chris Andrews (OH) Kevin Andrusky Klint Angelette Mary Anne Williams Brent Antill
Leroy Apodaca Jeff Applegate Shawn Applegate Austin Archdale Dave Archer Scott Archer
Joe Armbruster William Armend, Jr. Mallory Armfield Caleb Armstrong Chris Arnold (PA) Chad Arthur
Bradley Ashford Sam Ashworth Bimbo Atkins Kevin Atkins (IN) Bob Aton Jessie Attard
Bill Ault Will Ault Jonah Aumund Dave Axton Tim Axton Mike Ayers (IA)
Terry Babb Bill Babcock Jeff Babcock Rich Babcock Brady Bacon Leon Bacon
Butch Bahr Bill Bailey J.P. Bailey Jim Bailey (PA) Scott Bailey Charlie Baker (MI)
Chase Baker (OH) Jesse Baker (NM) Karl Baker Mike Baker (MI) Tim Baker (IA) Trevor Baker
Gregg Bakker Eric Baldaccini Larry Ball, Jr. Dusty Ballenger Steve Ballenger Robert Ballou
Bill Balog Dustin Baney John Bankston Jeff Banyas Tommy Barber Justin Barger
Jimmy Barill Dewayne Barker Rick Barksdale Johnny Barlow Rick Barlow Jamie Barnes
Jayme Barnes Jason Barney Jeff Barnhart Allen Barr John Barrick Scott Barris
Shon Barris Robbie Bartchy Tom Basinger Randy Bateman Judi Bates Michael Bauer
Todd Bauer Andy Baugh Josh Baughman Randy Baughman Keith Baxter Spencer Bayston
Johnny Beaber Tony Beaber Ronnie Beale Tom Bear Tyler Bear Butch Beasley
Normand Beaudreault Joe Beaver (IA) Tommy Beavers Toby Bech Larry Beck Bobby Becker
Daryl Becker Jason Becker Derek Beckman Donnie Beechler Steve Beitler Brian Bell (TN)
Christopher Bell Robert Bell Jim Bell, Jr. Roddy Bellbowen Nick Bellino Kyle Bellm
Bob Bennett (PA) Dan Bennett (NY) Roger Bennett Brian Benson Justin Berg Fred Berger
Jack Berger Alain Bergeron Seth Bergman Aaron Berryhill Doug Berryman Herman Bertolini
Michael Bertolini Kevin Besecker Chris Best Corey Bevard Cory Bevard Nathan Bevard
Drew Bible Ryan Bickett Scott Biertzer Tom Bigelow Shelby Bilton Tommy Bipes
George Bischoff Austin Bishop Tod Bishop Mike Bittinger Steve Bixler Tubby Black
Jake Blackhurst Ron Blair Jeff Bland, Jr. Sid Blandford Dale Blaney Dave Blaney
Lance Blevins Alex Bliesner Fred Bliss Chad Blonde Jason Blonde Quentin Blonde
Kevin Bloomstran John Blurton Jim Bob Chad Boespflug Scott Bogucki Ryan Bohlke
Matt Bolin Aaron Bollinger Gregg Bolte Scott Bonnell Clay Bontrager Tim Bookmiller
Devon Borden Russell Boren Chris Borgman Joey Borich Russel Borland Fred Boso
Mike Bost Mike Boston Jason Botsford Bucky Boughan Rick Boughan Patrick Bourke
Cody Bova Brad Bowden Chris Bowe Brandy Bower Nicole Bower Luke Bowey
Mike Bowling Alex Bowman Brad Bowman Carl Bowser Terry Bowser Scott Box
Billy Boyd, Jr. Curtis Boyer Mark Boyer Clinton Boyles Ty Boyles Donny Brackett
Jim Braden Jim Bradford Curt Bradshaw Seth Brahmer Cody Branchcomb Jimmy Brayton, Jr.
Garry Brazier Jordyn Brazier Mike Brecht Blake Breen Bobby Breen John Brennfleck
Jon Brennfleck Dan Brettnacher Jimmy Brewer Ken Brewer Kevin Brewer Lee Brewer, Jr.
Cliff Brian Bill Brian, Jr. Alex Bright D.J. Brink Chuck Brion Chase Briscoe
Kevin Briscoe Ed Britton Mike Brook James Broty Mark Broughman Zac Broughman
Ryan Broughton Tony Broughton Ben Brown (MO) Brian Brown (Grain Valley, MO) Davey Brown Tanner Brown
Toby Brown Dave Brown, Jr. Stuart Brubaker Tony Bruce, Jr. Mark Brucker Matt Brun
Brett Brunkenhoefer A.J. Bruns Clinton Bruns Cory Bruns Patrick Bruns Roger Bruns
Nicholas Bryan Jake Bubak Rich Bubak Dave Buchannan John Buchy Kent Buckley
Brian Buckwalter Steve Buckwalter Patrick Budde Ray Bullis Robert Bulloch Ryan Bunton
Keith Burch Kenny Burden Tony Bures Jim Burgoon Danial Burkhart Mike Burkin
Bob Burkle Greg Burns Jimmy Burns Jimmy Burns (NC) Mike Burns (MI) Tommy Burns
Alan Burton Jeff Busby Tom Busch Brenda Buster Joe Bustillos Greg Butdorff
Joe Butera Matt Butler Steve Butler (IN) Steve Butler (OH) Scott Butz Dick Byerly
Rick Byerly David Byrne Anthony Cain Dave Calaman Aaron Call Grayling Call
Jimmy Callahan, Jr. Nigel Calvert Jim Cameron Bob Camilli Barry Camp Troy Camp
Jeremy Campbell (KS) Matt Campbell (PA) Ray Campbell (OK) Roger Campbell, Jr. Lowe Cannell Rob Cannell
Pat Cannon Kyle Capodice Steven Caproni Brian Carber Michael Carber Brian Carlson
Jeff Carlson (NE) Frank Carlsson Kenny Carlton Kenny Carmichael John Carney, II Jimmy Carr
Randy Carr Bob Carrico Shane Carson Jimmy Carter Larry Carter Scott Carter
Bill Cartwright Andrew Caruana Justin Carver Jerry Caryer Dewey Cassell Mark Cassella
Bryan Castine Mike Chadd Rob Chaney Shawn Chaney Jim Chappel David Chappell
Zach Chappell Roger Chaudion Joe Cheeseman Andy Chehowski Troy Chehowski Kirk Cheney
Terry Chesak James Chesson P.J. Chesson Mark Christman Bob Cicora Dylan Cisney
Richard Cisney Steve Clabaugh Bobby Clark (OH) Kyle Clark Mark Clark (IN) Tim Clark
Wes Clark Adam Clarke Glen Clarke Bryan Clauson Larry Clay Daron Clayton
Tyler Clem Matt Clevenger Jay Coates Zac Coats Buddy Cochran James Cochran
Bob Cockrell Brent Coffman Daniel Coggeshell Kenny Coke Paulie Colagiovanni Mark Coldren
Alan Cole Mark Cole Mark Coleman Mark Coleman (OH) Jamie Collard Justin Collett
Steve Collins (NY) Jimmy Colvin, III Randy Combs (MO) Rod Combs Hud Cone Scott Conger
Ryan Coniam Brandon Conkel Kurt Conklin Cale Conley Tom Conrad, Jr. Adam Constable
Joe Conway Dave Cook Jeff Cook (NY) Joe Cooper (IA) Devin Coran Billy Corbin
Jon Corbin Tom Corbin Dave Cordier, Jr. Shane Cottle Jason Courtney Tyler Courtney
Brent Covell Greg Coverdale Richard Cox Frank Cozze Keith Crabtree Kory Crabtree
Rob Crabtree Ryan Craighead Travis Cram Scott Cramer Todd Cramer Will Cramer
Luke Cranston Donnie Crawford Tim Crawley John Cressman Brian Crisp Chad Criswell
Erin Crocker Roger Crockett Willie Croft Mark Cronk Adam Cruea Craig Crystal
Kyle Cummins Mark Cummins Scott Curran Scott Curren Eric Curry Hunter Custer
Wayne Dadetto Don Daggett Dustin Daggett Mike Daggett Jerry Dahms Gregg Dalman
Jim Damon Shawn Dancer Mason Daniel Brandon Daniels Jason Danley Roger Darge
Dave Darland Cody Darrah Lonnie Darst Trey Datweiler Daryl Daugherty Rick Daugherty
Todd Daun Thomas Davies Tom Davies (IN) Eric Davis (IN) Jeff Davis (IL) Josh Davis (OH)
Kris Davis Kurt Davis Ryan Davis (AU) Zach Davis Bobby Davis, Jr. Robin Dawkins
Bob Dawson Doug Day Ronnie Day Jim Dayton Al DeAngelis Austin DeBlauw
Dylan DeJournett Jarrod DeLong Zane DeVault Gary DeWall Mike Deavers Ty Deckard
Michael Decker Mike Deener Mike Dehner Dave Delisle Keith Dempster Doug Deuel
Brad Deveraux Greg Dewall Lance Dewease Tom Dickerman Jeremy Dickerson Bryce Dickson
Dave Dickson Billy Dietrich Dalton Dietrich Dan Dietrich Rob Dietrich Danny Dietrich, III
Chase Dietz Tim Dietz Ricky Dieva Mike Dillman Dustin Dinan Bob Distel
Bobby Distel Dan Dittrich Bruce Divis Dan Dobbins Bryan Dobesh Mark Dobmeier
Chris Dodd Darrell Dodd Geoff Dodge Cameron Dodson Doug Dodson David Doherty
Jason Dolick Craig Dollansky Garrett Dollansky Dave Donath Shawn Donath Bob Dooley
Gage Dorr Brad Doty Skip Dougherty Vincent Dougherty Jack Dover Steve Downs
Alan Dray Josh Dressler Don Droud, Jr. Kyle Drum Kevin Drury Jack Dubin
Jason Dukes (OH) Randy Dukes Marcus Dumesny Max Dumesny Mitchell Dumesny Cole Duncan
Rodney Duncan Jim Dunham Mike Dunlap Lee Dunn Tyler Dunn Mike Dupuy
Don Durham Jeremy Durst Mike Dussel Nate Dussel Nat Eakin Cris Eash
Darren Eash Fred Ebler Jason Eckard Jeff Eckhardt Rodger Eckhardt Tony Edmondson
Gary Edwards Rusty Egan Blake Egeland Tom Egeland Brian Ehrenzeller Rich Eichelberger
Dave Ekern Jon Eldreth Cory Eliason Mark Ellefritz Brad Ellenberger Brent Ellenberger
Brian Ellenberger Ricky Elliott Tony Elliott Dave Ely Doug Emery Riley Emig
Dave Enders Ralph Engel, Jr. Rick England Kevin Engle Tim Engler George Englert
Lindsey Enscoe Mike Erdley Jonathan Eriksen Luke Eriksen Doug Esh Jared Esh
Travis Esh Tyler Esh Tommie Estes, Jr. Ed Etzel Scott Euler Curtis Evans
Jason Evans (MO) Jerry Evilsizer Tim Evilsizer Bob Ewell John Ewell John Fahl
Johnny Fahl R.C. Faigle Smokey Fairbank Cody Fairchok Jim Farmer Steve Farnel
Matt Farnham Robbie Farr Lance Fassbender Gary Fast John Fast Logan Faucon
Phillip Faulkner Todd Fayard Tom Fedorczyk Kyle Fedyk Blake Feese Dave Feese
Andy Feil Keith Fellner Bob Felmlee Logan Fenton Brandon Ferguson Rick Ferkel
Ricky Ferkel Taylor Ferns Chris Ferrall Ken Jay Fiedler Jim Fifield Andy Fike
Randy Fink Jon Finsel Anthony Fiore Rodney Fish Charlie Fisher Dave Fisher
Gary Fisher George Fisher James Fisher (OH) Justin Fisher Sarah Fisher Scott Fisher (PA)
Richie Fitz Glenn Fitzcharles Blake Fitzpatrick Scott Flammer Ryan Flaten Bob Fleming
A.J. Flick Don Floyd Mike Flynn Ryan Flynn Craig Folmar D.J. Foos
Randy Ford Logan Forler Glenndon Forsythe Shane Fortney Brad Foster Justin Foster
Brad Fox Dave Fox (MI) Jared Fox Troy Fraker Chris Fraley Rick Fraley
Davie Franek Billy Frazier Ryan Frederick Brandon Fredericks Ryan Fredericks Jamie Fredrickson
Dave Freed Glenn Freeland Mark Freeland Jon Freeman Ryan French Jerry Frew
Kevin Frey Karl Freyer Mike Frie Jessica Friesen Stewart Friesen Kevin Frisbie
Jordan Frontz Mike Frost (IL) Aaron Fry Carl Fry, Jr. Dale Furby Brad Furr
Randy Fusi Joe Gaerte Dickie Gaines John Gall Darin Gallagher Cody Gallogly
Jay Galloway Cody Gardner (OH) Damion Gardner Clint Garner Harry Garrett John Garrett
John Garvin, Jr. Noah Gass Skylar Gee Tim Gee Scott Geesey Brent Gehr
Bob Gehr, III Bob Gehr, Jr. Cody Geldart Ayrton Gennetten Steve Gennetten Rod George
Jarrett Gerber Kaley Gharst Jesse Giannetto Alan Gilbertson Johnny Gilbertson Ryan Giles
Jordan Givler Justin Glaser Tim Glatfelter Howie Gleason Dave Glennon Randy Glover
Steve Glover Kevin Gobrecht Donny Goeden Jared Goerges Chad Goff Bryn Gohn
Jordan Goldesberry Brett Golik Shane Golobic Robert Gomez Cory Good Brian Goodfleisch
Mark Goodfleisch Mike Goodman Riley Goodno Scott Goodrich Bud Goodwin Jeff Gordon (IN)
Scott Grace Todd Gracey Jason Grady Josh Grady Mike Grady Jordan Graham
Curt Grant Justin Grant Tom Grasser J.J. Grasso David Gravel Terry Gray
Mark Graybill Chad Grear Pete Green Tim Green Tony Greener Brad Greer
Ben Gregg Travis Gregg Phil Gressman Jeff Griffis Caleb Griffith Gary Griffith
Bryan Grimes Lance Grimes Kurt Gross Trevor Grossenbacher Lee Grosz Bryan Grove
Pete Grove Scott Groves Brian Grubaugh Ryan Grubaugh Cale Grubb Coleman Gulick
Adam Gullion Lance Gullo Craig Gumberling Tyler Gunn Chris Gurley Corbin Gurley
Van Gurley Van Gurley, Jr. Henry Gustavus, Jr. Spud Gustin Trey Gustin Dwayne Gutshall
Cory Haas McKenna Haase Steve Haefke, Jr. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Allen Hafford Kirby Hagans
Derek Hagar Jason Hagenbuch Al Hager Mike Haggenbottom Cameron Hagin Blake Hahn
Cody Hahn Dave Hahn Dave Haight Jeff Haines John Hajduk Greg Hall
Luke Hall (OH) Jeff Halligan Kenny Hambrick Bob Hamilton Frank Hamm Doug Hammaker
Randy Hammer Mike Hampton Zach Hampton Brandon Hanks Dave Hanna Randy Hannagan
Cody Hansen Kenny Hansen Zach Hansen Ty Hanten Jim Harble Jordan Harble
Mitch Harble George Harbour Wes Harbour Daniel Harding Scott Hardman Jeff Hardwick
Kenny Hardy Tracy Harp Tom Harris (UK) David Harrison Josh Harrison Josh Harrison (OH)
Ryan Harrison C.W. Harshman Gerry Hart Kenny Hart Rob Hart Rob Hartman
Austin Hartmann Brian Hartzell Jason Haskell Jade Hastings Joe Hauck Brad Haudenschild
Ed Haudenschild Jac Haudenschild Sheldon Haudenschild John Hawk George Hawkins Bobby Hawks
Brian Hayden Nick Haygood Gary Hayhurst Gary Hayhurst, Jr. Kenny Haynes Patrick Haynes
Chuck Hebing Michael Heckman Jeff Heerdink Blane Heimbach Frankie Heimbaugh JoJo Helberg
Jack Helget Todd Heller Caleb Helms Larry Helms Shane Helms Slater Helt
Randy Helton Justin Henderson (SD) Dakota Hendrickson Wade Hendrickson Cap Henry Mike Henshaw
Raymond Hensley Todd Hepfner Troy Hepfner Frankie Herr Johnny Herrera Brie Hershey
Joey Hershey Mark Hery Casey Heser Danny Heskin Davey Heskin Jake Hesson
Todd Heuerman Dallas Hewitt Jack Hewitt John Heydenreich Randy Hibbs Rusty Hickman
Aaron Higgins Kevin Higgins Nathan Higgins James High Bob Hildreth Jeremy Hill
Andy Hillenburg (IN) Larry Hillerud Chad Hillier Dion Hindi Chuck Hines Tracy Hines
Trey Hivner Skylar Hnkle George Hobaugh, Jr. Jesse Hockett Rocky Hodges Jeff Hodgson
Greg Hodnett Shane Hoff Dustin Hoffman Mike Hogan Austin Hogue Scott Holcomb
Bill Holler C.J. Holley Rick Holley Tadd Holliman Terry Holliman Tanner Holmes
Danny Holtgraver Dustin Homan Travis Honnert Rickey Hood Tracy Hoover Larry Hopper
Matt Horst Jared Horstman Hud Horton Jimmy Horton Sean Hosey Keith House
Tray House Tyler Houseman Mike Houseman, Jr. Bob Howard (PA) Bradley Howard Dale Howard
Jan Howard Josh Howard Ronny Howard Ryan Howard Shawn Howe Tom Howe
Jeff Hoying Shawn Hubler Mike Hudson (IL) Mike Hudson (NC) Aaron Huff Jay Hughes
Robert Huisken Jerrod Hull Scott Hull Kevin Hulse Chad Humston Andy Hunt
Bubba Hunt Jason Hunt Jody Hunt Shane Hunter Tim Hunter Kevin Huntley
Logan Hupp Marc Hurd Jimmy Hurley Rodney Hurst Dustin Hyliard Eric Hysong
Clint Ide Clinton Ide Mark Ide Rick Ideus Mark Imler J.T. Imperial
Kevin Ingle Ryan Irwin Steve Irwin Wes Irwin John Ivy Kelsey Ivy
Dakota Jackson Robert Jackson (AU) Skip Jackson Cody Jacobs Dean Jacobs Kenny Jacobs
Lee Jacobs R.J. Jacobs Trey Jacobs Jason Jacoby Andy James Ryan Jamison
Jared Jansen Jeff Jansma Billy Jarrell Billy Jarrells Logan Jarrett Tony Jarrett
Lynton Jeffrey Paul Jeffrey Kirk Jeffries Steve Jenkins Bruce Jennings Danny Jennings
Earnest Jennings Tige Jensen Donnie Jeschke Marc Jessup Glen Jewell Tom Jewell
Tim Jodery Shannon Jodrey Tim Jodrey Austin Johnson (MN) C.J. Johnson (KS) J.D. Johnson (KS)
Jason Johnson (LA) Jason Johnson (WI) Jeff Johnson (Ames, IA) Johnny Johnson Johnny Johnson (IN) Jon Johnson
Mark Johnson (IA) Matt Johnson (PA) R.J. Johnson (FL) Randy Johnson (IN) Roland Johnson Wayne Johnson (OK)
Mike Jonas Adam Jones (MO) Bill Jones (PA) Chad Jones (MO) Chad Jones (TN) Chris Jones (MI)
Davey Jones David Jones (PA) Greg Jones (IA) Kerry Jones (NZ) Levi Jones Marlon Jones
Red Jones Ryan Jones (SD) Scott Jones (PA) Jimmy Judd Matt Juhl Chad Jumper
Bud Kaeding Tim Kaeding Kasey Kahne David Kalb, Jr. Brian Kaltreider Mike Kaminski
Todd Kane Dennie Kapuchuck Craig Karazim Christine Karns Joe Kata, III Keith Kauffman
Randy Kaylor Rick Kaylor John Kearney Brad Keckler Dustin Keegan Jeremiah Keegan
Jeremy Keegan Jody Keegan Joe Keegan Josh Keegan Mark Keegan Willie Keegan
Craig Keel Clay Keim Jason Keith Adam Kekich Doug Kekich Mike Kekich
Brandon Kelley Todd Kelley Curt Kelly Dave Kelly Rick Kelsey Chad Kemenah
Ryan Kempin Steve Kenawell, Sr. Robbie Kendall Robert Kendall Fred Kennedy Jim Kennedy
Kim Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Tony Kennedy Lou Kennedy, Jr. Tim Kent Tim Kern
Frankie Kerr P.J. Kerr Rich Kerstetter Rick Kerstetter Mike Kertscher Jeremy Kerzman
Dean Kester Cole Ketcham Kameron Key Andrew Kiedrowski Bill Kiley Shawn King (MO)
Steve King (KS) Todd King Dylan Kingan Troy Kingan Paul Kinney Bob Kinser
Kelly Kinser Kody Kinser Kraig Kinser Mark Kinser Randy Kinser Sheldon Kinser
Steve Kinser Chuck Kirk Ryan Kirkendall Steven Kisamore Paul Kish Ryan Kissinger
Regan Kitchen Jimmy Kite Tucker Klaasmeyer Ken Klabunde Greg Klar Chris Klemko
Steve Kline Ed Klinkhamer Chappy Knaack Kelly Kneisler Clyde Knipp Bill Knisley
Jason Knoke Chris Knopp Tori Knutson Rick Koenig Buddy Kofoid John Koller
Jeremy Kornbau Mike Koss (IN) Mike Kostic Rick Kozminski Rob Kozminski Ron Kramer
Danny Kraus Danny Krauss Len Krautheim, III Scott Kraylek Matt Krieger Randy Kriegisch
Alan Krimes Brian Kristan Daren Krockenberger Damon Kronk Wayne Kronk Joe Kubiniec
Mikey Kuemper Tim Kuhn Joey Kuhn, III Dan Kuriger Chris Kurtz Larry LaPoint
Rick Lafferty Benoit Lafleur Brian Lake Landon Lalonde Brad Lamberson Jimmy Lambert
John Lambert (SD) Michael Lambert Mike Lambert John Lambertz Matt Lamborn Ronnie Lambrich
Daniel Lampron Tonya Landaway Calvin Landis Jay Landolt Foster Landon Ronald Laney
Haley Lapcevich Jarod Larson Kyle Larson (CA) Gene Lasker Danny Lasoski Mike Latsch
Joe Laugherty Mike Lauterborn Pancho Lawler Shawn Lawler Dusty Lawson Kevin Lawson
Brian Lay Andre Layfield Chad Layton Bernie LeMaster C.J. Leary Jim Leasor
Eddie Leavitt, Jr. Cody Ledger Garry Lee Maier Jack Lee Kevin Lee Leonard Lee
Randy Lee Master Ray Lee Goodwin Ted Lee Dan Leech Jason Leffler Mike Lefholz
Ron Lefholz Kody Lehman Mike Lehman Dwain Leiber Steve Leiber Jeff Leisey
Dave Leity Alan Lemmons Troy Leonard Brian Leppo Cale Levescy Chad Levingston
Jimmy Lewis (OH) Trevor Lewis (PA) Steve Lieber Jimmy Light Bob Lime Fred Linder
Jim Linder Matt Linder Mike Linder Ryan Linder Dustin Lindquist Matt Liner
Steven Lines Marty Ling Al Liskai Dick Liskai Greg Litten Troy Little
Farley Livingston Nick LoSasso Kyle Locke Ricky Logan Brandon Long Danny Long
Darren Long Mark Long Paul Long Rocky Lopresto Dane Lorenc Paul Lotier
Ian Loudoun Keith Love Doug Lovegrove Jeb Lowder Hank Lower Rick Lower
Brad Loyet Matt Lucius Jason Lund Richard Lupo Derrik Lusk Toni Lutar
Mike Lutz Scott Lutz Brayton Lynch Eddie Lynch Hunter Lynch Sye Lynch
Ed Lynch, Jr. Les MacMillan Carson Macedo Cole Macedo Dave Macey Casey Mack
Cory Mack Mitch Mack Duane Mackey Ken Mackey Hunter Mackison Jordan Mackison
Johnny Mackison, Jr. Anthony Macri A.J. Maddox Ian Madsen Kerry Madsen Bronson Maeschen
Mike Mahaney Warren Mahoney Ricky Maiolo Henry Malcuit Blake Mallory Critter Malone
Tayler Malsam Brett Mann Mike Mann Mike Marano, II Brian Marcum Michael Markey
Brent Marks Ron Marks Tom Marshall, III Kyle Marten Doug Martens Jordan Martens
Alec Martin Bob Martin (MN) Brandon Martin (OH) Broc Martin Chris Martin (IA) Darrell Martin
Jamie Martin Jason Martin (NE) Randy Martin (MO) Rayce Martin Steve Martin (AZ) Danny Martin, Jr.
Wes Martz Brinton Marvel Justin Marvel Brent Mason Eric Mason Scott Matas
Bryan Matthews Chris Matthews Brandon Matus Brent Matus Jerry Matus Nick Matuszewski
Randy Mausteller Rod Maxwell Paul May Van May Stan Mayer Brock Mayes
Dave Maynard Jimmy McBee Logan McCandless Gary McCann John McCann Austin McCarl
Carson McCarl Terry McCarl Dan McCarron Brad McClelland Sean McClelland Jerry McClure
Rusty McClure Gary McCollum Robert McContoch Cliff McCoy John McCracken Jesse McCreary
Bill McCroskey Brian McDonald (ON) Joe McEwen Aron McFadden James McFadden Jared McFarland
Von McGee Max McGhee Chuck McGillivray Harold McGilton Wes McGlumphy Dave McGough
Craig McGuire Lachlan McHugh Arin McIntosh Wes McIntyre Gerard McIntyre, Jr. Jim McKenzie
Jamie McKinney Andy McKisson Steve McMackin Paul McMahan Bob McMillin Brandon McMullen
Larry McPeek Wayne McPeek Boston Mead Norm Meador Willie Meier Chad Meinholdt
Chris Meleason Jim Melis Trevor Mell Chad Mellenberndt Dave Mellinger Joe Melnick
John Memmer Matt Merrill Greg Merritt Thomas Meseraull Steve Meyer Troy Meyer
Jason Meyers A.J. Michael Curt Michael Sean Michael T.J. Michael Brett Michalski
Aaron Middaugh Tommy Mikels, Jr. Scotty Milan Chad Miller D.W. Miller Darrin Miller
David Miller (AB) Heath Miller Jamie Miller (OH) Jeff Miller (PA) Joe B. Miller Joe Miller (IN)
John Miller (PA) John Miller (SD) Mike Miller (OH) Ray Miller (OH) Scott Miller (OH) Shawn Miller
Tom Miller (OH) Travis Miller (OH) Jerry Miller, Jr. Pete Miller, III Bobby Mincer Shawn Minor
Jeremy Minton Craig Mintz (OH) Greg Mitchell (WV) Jeff Mitrisin Travis Mize Kim Mock
Phillip Mock Warren Mockler Wayne Modjeski A.J. Moeller Joss Moffatt Chuck Mohr
Josh Mohr Darren Mollenoyux Paul Molz Luke Monroe Tim Monson Joey Montgomery
Rick Montgomery Tim Montgomery (MO) Brian Montieth Kyle Moody Bill Moore (NC) Bob Moore (IA)
Mike Moore (IA) Mitchell Moore Pat Moore (IL) Patrick Moore Tim Moore (IL) Tyler Moore
Dennis Moore, Jr. Steve Moorehead Steve Morehead Chris Morgan (KS) Dustin Morgan (OK) Ray Morgan
Rodney Morgan Matt Moro Conner Morrell Jim Morris, III Bill Morrison Zach Morrow
James Mosher (NM) Lance Moss Timmy Moss Roger Mossbarger Mike Mossi Mike Mouch
Jim Moughan Joey Moughan Jim Moughan, Jr. Dave Moulis Jack Moulton Jamie Moyle
Jaymie Moyle Nick Mulheim Brendan Mullen Ron Mullen Danny Mumaw Austin Mundie
Tim Munsen David Murcott Dave Murdick Mark Murphy Peter Murphy Dusty Murray
Steve Muth Chris Myers Jamie Myers Landon Myers Ron Myers Ryan Myers
Chris Naber Nick Naber Nick Nabor Jim Nace Clyde Nagle Chris Nagy
Kevin Nagy Dain Naida Joey Nash Staple Nash Cameron Nastasi Mat Neely
Larry Neighbors Frank Neill Scott Neitzel Lee Nelson Frankie Nervo John Nervo
Robbie Nervo D.J. Netto Jeff Neubert Ed Neumeister Will Newlin Zach Newlin
Tim Newman Tracy Nichols Paul Nienhiser Jim Nier Greg Nikitenko Blake Nimee
Charlie Noden Glenn Noland Tony Norem Dylan Norris Kerry Norris Troy Norris
Willy Northcott Collin Northway Kevin Nouse Bryan Nuckles Wade Nygaard Brant O'Banion
Austin O'Dell Derek O'Dell Brian O'Donnell Kyle Offill Wade Oliver Ayrton Olsen
Duane Olson Mitch Olson Ryder Olson Jan Opperman Scott Orr Lee Osborne
Dan Osburn Jacob Ossenfort Dan Oswalt Aaron Ott Amy Ott Jeremy Owhl
Dan Owings Steve Owings Alex Paden Andrew Palker Dick Palker Michael Parent
Dennis Park Eric Parker Jerry Parrish Troy Parsons Christi Passmore Glen Passmore, Jr.
Kyle Patrick Nick Patterson Paul Patterson Billy Pauch Chris Paulsen Brian Paulus
Jeremy Pawley Jim Payne Robert Payseno Tyler Pearce Justin Peck Steve Pedley
Cruz Pedregon Preston Peebles, II Craig Pellegrini, Jr. Bill Pembleton Dave Penezich David Penezich, Jr.
Rick Pennell Bill Peri R.J. Perkins Stephan Perlmutter Marty Perovich Jim Perricone
Jake Peters Mike Peters (KS) Donovan Peterson Dylan Peterson Ricky Peterson Shawn Peterson
Alex Pettas Jeff Pfaff Chris Phillips (IN) Rager Phillips Sawyer Phillips Steve Phillips
Tasker Phillips Travis Philo Josh Pieniazek Austin Pierce Darren Pifer Marvin Pifer
Jack Pillon Larry Pinegar Larry Pinegar, II Jason Pisani Daryn Pittman Ron Pittman
Greg Plank Terry Pletch Chris Pochiro Harold Pohren Steve Poirier Devlin Polkinghorn
Danny Pollock Paige Polyak Jimmy Pooler Lee Potter Rusty Potter Bruce Powell
Brad Powely Rich Preston Troy Preston Robbie Pribnow Landon Price Robbie Price
Ryan Price Parker Price-Miller Andy Priest Scott Priester DeWayne Prince Jeff Pritchard
Skylar Prochaska Dylan Proctor George Prosser Kyle Pruitt Ed Psurny Paul Ptasienski
Ron Pursay David Quackenbush Ralph Quarterson Tommy Quarterson Ken Quimby Mike Rabold
Chad Radel Thomas Radivoy Brandon Rahmer Fred Rahmer Freddie Rahmer A.G. Rains
Chase Randall Andrew Ranger Craig Rankin Jeff Rankin Tylar Rankin Eric Rankine
Chris Ranten Bruce Raquet Ken Ratchford Sean Rayhall Tracy Readinger Rod Redman
Byron Reed Matthew Reed (AU) Tony Reed Nate Reeser Tyler Reeser Boston Reid
Steve Reidel Danny Reidy (AU) Clint Reigle Scott Reilly Terry Reilly Mike Reilmann
Andy Rein Kyle Reinhardt Richard Reinhart Mike Reinke Wayne Reutimann Aaron Reutzel
Josh Revelle Matt Reynolds (OH) Eddie Rhine Tom Rhoades Jeff Rice (KS) Ken Rice
Mark Richard Matt Richard Randy Richardson George Riden Chase Ridenour Jared Ridge
Joe Riedel John Riegling Larry Riehl Eric Riggins, Jr. Travis Rilat Clay Riney
Leonard Ripper Drew Ritchey Todd Rittenhouse, Jr. Rodney Ritter, Jr. Brian Rivers Bob Robel
Bruce Robenalt Robert Robenalt Rex Robert Nick Roberts (OH) Kevin Roberts, Jr. Bill Robertson (NE)
Scott Robertson (AR) Craig Robinson Ryan Robinson Sean Robinson Shawn Robinson (MI) Gerry Robison
Manny Rockhold Art Rockwell Frank Rodgers Matt Rodgers (OR) Scott Rodgers Joe Roe
Shane Roemeling Alvin Roepke Loren Rogers Nic Rogers Nick Rogers Matt Rogerson
Jay Rohrback Jeff Rohrbaugh Gay Rolofson Mike Romano Dane Ronk Bill Rose (IN)
Will Rose Jody Rosenboom Randy Rosenboom Robby Ross Tyler Ross Ken Rossey
Bruce Rossman Jack Routson Keith Royer Barry Ruble John Rudisill Alysha Ruggles
Darryl Ruggles Ryan Ruhl Jami Russell Jamie Russell Jay Russell Jerry Russell
Tony Rustad Tony Rusted Ben Rutan Dick Ruth Gale Ruth, Jr. Michael Ruttkamp
Travis Rutz Dean Ryan Jordan Ryan Lonnie Ryan Ricky Ryan Brad Ryun
Zeth Sabo Matt Saint Joe Saldana Joey Saldana Bryan Salisbury (PA) Davey Sammons
Brett Samonds Justin Sanders Joe Sanger Russ Sansosti John Sargent Charlie Sarver
Mark Sasso Natalie Sather Kyle Sauder John Sauermilch Garrett Saunders Glen Saville
Sonny Sayre J.B. Scarborough Dominic Scelzi Gio Scelzi Bob Schaeffer Kevin Schaeffer
Donny Schatz Kevin Schawitsch Derek Scheffel Andrew Scheuerle Thomas Schinderle Danny Schlafer
Nick Schlauch, Jr. Bill Schley Sam Schlosberg Chuck Schlosser Al Schmidt (Sturtevant, WI) Ben Schmidt
Mark Schmidt Bryce Schmitt Brian Schnee Spike Schneider Bart Schneiderman Josh Schneiderman
Dallas Schott Darren Schott Butch Schrader Ken Schrader Alex Schriever Butch Schroeder
Jereme Schroeder Jeff Schrum Logan Schuchart Hunter Schuerenberg Kyle Schuett Goob Schuller
Jeremy Schultz Eric Schulz John Schulz Mike Schumacher Justin Schwein Tim Scites
Bryan Scott Dave Scott Jeremy Scott Jimmy Scott Tommy Scott Travis Scott (OK)
Bryan Sebetto Cory Seeling Raymond Seemann Jimmy Seger Brian Seidel Justin Seigler
Tom Seiler A.J. Selenke Derek Sell Robert Sellers Dustin Selvage Ron Semelka
Scott Semmelmann Gordon Senft, Jr. John Sernett Francis Sesco Tommy Sexton, Jr. Aaron Shaffer
Adrian Shaffer Bill Shaffer Dan Shaffer Danny Shaffer Daryl Shaffer Patrick Shaffer
Tim Shaffer Todd Shaffer Andy Shammo Roger Shammo Raymond Shank Alex Shanks
Josh Shantz Bill Shaw Bill Shaw (OH) Jay Shaypinka Trenton Sheaffer Barry Shearer
Brent Shearer Mike Shearer Keith Sheffer Kevin Shelbo Dave Shelly Jeff Shepard
Judd Shepard Neil Shepherd Terry Shepherd Tommy Sheppard Matt Sherlock, III Joel Sherman
Mark Shershekan Dan Shetler John Shewbrooks Todd Shields Troy Shields Chris Shirek
Nick Shirek Mark Shirshekan Larry Shive Roger Shoben Tyler Shoemaker Carson Short
Andy Shouse Jason Shultz Michael Shumacher Casey Shuman Ron Shuman Marshall Shunk
Jim Shuster Mallie Shuster Chris Shuttlesworth Chris Shuttleworth Mark Siciliano Jason Sides
Jim Siegel Rob Siegel Sadie Siegel Steve Siegel Jimmy Sills (CA) Joe Simbro
Scott Simion Chris Simon Kyle Simon Clark Simonton, Jr. Billy Sims Randy Sippel
Tim Sites Jimmy Sivia Marshall Skaggs Nathan Skaggs Jim Skinner Erik Skomo
Cody Skytland Eric Slade Jerry Slade Mark Slade Ralph Slade A.J. Sleek
Jeff Slinkard Jerrol Slinkard Doc Sloan Eddie Slone Ryan Slothower Chris Smalley
Aaron Smith (OH) Bobby Smith (FL) Brian Smith (OH) Chadd Smith Chris Smith (OH) Cody Smith (MI)
Colin Smith Corey Smith (IN) Craig Smith (PA) Daniel Smith (OH) Danny Smith (OH) Danny Smith (OK)
David Smith (Inman, SC) David Smith (OH) Duffy Smith Dustin Smith (IN) Eddie Smith (MI) Eric Smith (IN)
Gary Smith (OH) Jamie Smith Jamie Smith (Sewickley, PA) Jason Smith (Newburgh, IN) Kyle Smith (MA) Leo Smith
Mark Smith (Sunbury, PA) Michael Smith (FL) Nick Smith (OK) Randy Smith (IA) Robbie Smith Ryan Smith (PA)
Shane Smith (PA) Steve Smith (PA) Stevie Smith (OK) Trey Smith John Smith, III Jeff Smurr
David Snell Nate Snyder Spike Snyder Stuart Snyder Vince Snyder Jack Sodeman, Jr.
Jason Solwold Chad Souders Norton Southard Lee Sowell Fred Spaats Dick Spadaro
Dick Spadero Cory Sparks Roger Speith Mark Spence Eric Spencer Roger Spieth
Dwayne Spille Brandon Spithaler Ralph Spithaler Ralph Spithaler, Jr. Dennis Spitz Kris Spitz
Eric Stambaugh Max Stambaugh Jeremy Standridge Randy Standridge Rick Standridge Rob Standridge
Robbie Standridge Ron Standridge Doug Stanley Robbie Stanley Brian Staph Andy Stapp
Lee Stark Terry Starks Trey Starks Jeff Stasa Patrick Stasa Jason Statler
Red Stauffer Wade Stauffer Dave Steele Jerry Steele Shelby Steenson Tony Steenson
Jamie Steffy Mike Stefka Jay Steinebach Fred Steinhauser Brian Steinman Frank Stella
Mike Stelter Mark Stemen Mike Stemler Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. Doug Stepke Keith Stepke
Kevin Stepter Wayne Sternberg Brad Stevens Jonathan Stevens Brandon Stevenson Beau Stewart
Darren Stewart J.R. Stewart Jon Stewart Shane Stewart Tony Stewart (Columbus, IN) John Stickley
Shawn Stidfole Jess Stiger Randy Stilley Robbie Stillwaggon Tim Stillwell, Jr. Daryl Stimeling
Cale Stinson Jimmy Stinson Jon Stinson Jeff Stochel Chase Stockon Ken Stolfus
Jerry Stone Rick Stone Steve Storrie Landen Stover Adam Strausser Brad Strayer
George Streaker George Streaker, Jr. Tyler Street Doug Strong John Stroud, Jr. Curt Stroup
Rod Stroup Kyle Stuchell Randy Stuckey Rod Stuckey T.J. Stutts Glenn Styres
Mike Sub Steve Suever Scott Sukey J.C. Sulawaske J.C. Sulawske Michael Summers
George Suprick, III Steve Surniak Rick Susong Matt Sutton Ricky Sutton Joe Swanson
Kody Swanson Charlie Swartz Charlie Swartz, Jr. Bob Swavley Brad Sweet Chuck Swenson
Bob Swift Jeff Swindell Kevin Swindell Sammy Swindell Joe Symoens Todd Taeger
Channin Tankersley Matt Tanner Chris Tarrant Brooke Tatnell Dan Taylor (OH) Gary Taylor (WA)
Jeff Taylor (NJ) Ryan Taylor (PA) Danny Teegarden Dan Teegarten Bobby Teeple Travis Tennyson
Mike Terry, Jr. Don Teschke Don Teschler Chad Tessman Andy Teunessen Mike Tharp
Scotty Thiel Bob Thoman Danny Thoman Al Thomas (IL) Bob Thomas (OH) Cale Thomas
Jess Thomas Kevin Thomas (IN) Kyle Thomas (IN) Leigh Thomas Kevin Thomas, Jr. Brett Thompson (OK)
Jeff Thompson (PA) Len Thompson Len Thompson (PA) Tommy Thompson (FL) Bob Thoms Brandon Thone
Cory Thornton Jack Thornton Tanner Thorson Miranda Throckmorton Mike Thurman John Tierney
Ty Tilton Tyler Tischendorf Bob Tobolske Eric Tomecek J.R. Topper John Toth, III
Gary Trammell Dick Travers Joe Trenca Bret Tripplett Dustin Trost Chad Trout
Jeremy Trout Jon Trudeau Presley Truedson Bob Tucker (OH) Nick Tucker Daryl Turford
J.D. Turner Josh Turner Morgan Turpen Eric Turrill Walt Tutak, Jr. Jeff Tuttle
Dylan Tuxhorn Bill Tyler Brian Tyler Bill Underwood Rick Ungar Rick Unger
Chris Urish Trevor Utt Dave Uttech Scott Uttech Troy Vaccaro Shawn Valenti
Jeff VanDusen Todd Vance John Vandenberg Jerry Vandenhal Eric Vanderploeg Matt Vandervere
Bobby Varan Danny Varin Randy Varney Robbie Vaughn Jamie Veal Jonathan Vennard
Kaylene Verville Charlie Vest Justin Via Billy Vielhauer Gordy Vogelaar Rich Vogler
Craig Von Dohren Chuck Waddell Shane Wade Tim Wagaman, II Troy Wagaman, Jr. Dennis Wagner
Earl Wagner Jack Wagner Leyton Wagner Logan Wagner Mike Wagner Samuel Wagner
Mike Wagner, II Bill Waite Jerry Waite Will Waite Bill Waite, Jr. Sean Walden
Alan Walker Chuck Walker (IL) Jeff Walker (IN) Kenneth Walker Tyler Walker Chris Walraven
Sam Walsh Josh Walter Mike Walter Trent Walter Mike Walter, II Bob Walters
Bryon Walters Rob Walters Pete Walton Tyler Walton Lennie Waltz Todd Wanless
Chase Wanner Tom Wanner Chuck Ward Dennis Ward Kevin Ward Lisa Ward
Mike Ward (TN) Aaron Warnock Bill Warren (MI) Mick Wasitowski Mike Wasitowski Matt Wasmund
Gus Wasson Vern Wasson Bud Watt Jay Waugh Bobby Weaver Jeff Weaver
Jeremy Weaver Paul Weaver Shawn Weaver Chris Webb (PA) Jon Webb Lance Webb
Wayne Webb Matt Webster Brook Weibley Ken Weiland Clint Weiss Taylor Weld
Jimmy Weller, III Mike Wells Al Wendt Art Wendt Jason Wendt Jesse Wentz
Todd Wessels Adam West Dylan Westbrook John Westbrook Dave Westercamp Shawn Westerfeld
Matt Westfall Rodney Westhafer Bob Weuve Korey Weyant Tony Weyant Austen Wheatley
Greg Wheeler Bob Whitacre Bruce White (AU) Chris White (NC) Cody White (OH) Harli White
Paul White (PA) Mark Whitebread Brandon Whited Ken Whitehouse Troy Whitesel Kevin Whitesides
Jack Whitmore Travis Whitney Marshall Whitsel Marshall Whitsel, Jr. Justin Whittall Kevin Whitworth
Scott Whitworth Mick Wiantowski Brad Wickham Tommy Wickham Matt Wiese Larry Wight
Richard Wilbee Terry Wilbur Billy Wilburn Marty Wilcox Brenden Wilde Zach Wilde
Mark Wilkins Brandon Williams (TN) Chris Williams (TN) Eric Williams (PA) Jeff Williams (OH) Scott Williams (KY)
Stuart Williams Wayne Williams (CA) Garet Williamson Bud Wilmot Steve Wilmot April Wilson
Chad Wilson (OH) Chuck Wilson Chuck Wilson (OH) Donnie Wilson Doug Wilson (Blackwater, MO) Greg Wilson (OH)
Hal Wilson Jacob Wilson Jerrod Wilson Rick Wilson (ON) Ryan Wilson (PA) Ryan Wilson (WI)
Scott Wilson (PA) Steve Wilson (NJ) Adam Wilt Brandon Wimmer Mike Winblad Chris Windom
T.J. Winegardner Jeff Wingate Allen Winker Kurt Winker Claire Wintermeyer Scott Winters (MN)
Bill Wirth John Wisbon Zeb Wise Tanner Wisk Jim Wohlfeil Todd Wohlford
Lucas Wolfe Randy Wolfe Doug Wolfgang Robby Wolfgang Kent Wolters Colby Womer
Tony Wondra B.G. Wood Danny Wood (OK) Brian Woodhall Mike Woodring Mike Woodruff
Allan Woods Cliff Woodward Tommy Worley, Jr. Mitchell Wormall Ike Worthington James Wray
Brad Wright (NE) Brett Wright Dusty Wright Eldon Wright Gary Wright Ryan Wunderlich
Tiffany Wyzard Josh Yenser Maynard Yingst Dennis Yoakam Lance Yonge Mark Young
Niki Young Scott Young Terry Young (PA) Duane Zablocki Adam Zabonick Steve Zabonick
Brock Zearfoss Mike Zeiter Mark Zemcik Sean Zemunik M.J. Ziebarth Rick Ziehl
Jared Zimbardi Zach Zimmerly Doug Zimmerman Mark Zimmerman Mike Zimmerman Wyatt Zimmerman
Zeke Ziska Dusty Zomer Doug Zucco
2451 drivers have competed in the All Star Circuit of Champions sprint car series.