Australian Wingless Sprints Super Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: {{{FormerlyKnown}}}
Series Founded: 2020 Series active!
Car Style: Wingless 410 Sprint Region: Eastern Australia
Quick Stats
Most Wins: No Repeat Winners Most Titles: Luke Weel (1)
Number of Races: 5 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: COMPLETE
Our site has covered this tour since its inaugural season. Please note that the 2020 finale featured two "preliminary" A-Mains. Traditionally in Australian sprint racing, "preliminary" races do not count towards all-time tour statistics, but as this tour publicized both winners with feature winner designation as well as posing with commiserate trophies, our site counts those two as official tour races unless provided evidence to the contrary.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2020 5 Luke Weel +8 Five Drivers (1)