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Driver Page Hometown Date of Birth Date of Death Most Recent Touring Series Race
Brandon Anderson (CA) Livermore CA 23 September 2017

Western States Dwarf Car Association Sportsman Division at Marysville Raceway Park (Fin: 18)

Brandon Anderson (FL) Lakeland FL 16 March 2007

Bright House Challenge Series at Orlando Speedworld (Fin: 17)

Brandon Anderson (NC) Summerfield NC 24 May 2006

FASTRAK Racing Series; Outlaw Showdown (Crate) at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Fin: 17)

Brandon Anderson (TX) Tomball TX May 1 2003 12 April 2019

Lucas Oil National Open Wheel 600 Series presented by Tel-Star Technologies Winged A-Class Division at Creek County Speedway (Fin: 7)