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CRA FWD Compacts

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 2007 Series Disbanded: 2011
Car Style: Compact Region: Midwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Justin Brown (8) Most Titles: Tim Dilg (2)
Number of Races: 53 Number of Drivers: 224
Project Status: COMPLETE
Following the closure of the series, the remaining teams formed the Vores Compact Touring Series from its remains.
Chris Abbott Cary Abrell Chuck Agnew John Amonett Ryan Amonett Scott Amy
Toney Anderson Bryan Banta Stephanie Beane Billy Beard Joe Beaver Brad Bell
Sean Berry David Bice Alan Bigelow Dan Bigelow Don Bigelow Stephanie Bigelow
Tom Bigelow Whit Blattner Bobby Blount Nicholas Bolin Gary Bragg, Jr. Gary Bragg, Sr.
Brian Brewer Chris Brewer Justin Brown Dustin Burge Mike Burge Travis Burge
Morris Butler Kyle Byrd Jeremy Cambell Kyle Carlson Bill Charles Steve Christman
Eddie Clayborn Kevin Clayborn Ryan Clayborn Randy Clingan Chris Cobb Josh Colanese
Bobby Cook Steven Cox Ricky Craig Kyle Crump Jerry Dane Casey Davis
John Davis, Jr. Greg De St. Jean Karen De St. Jean Steve Derouin Tim Dilg James Double, Jr.
Brent Downey Doug Drook Jamie Drook Jess Drook Joyce Dryer Mark Dulworth
Brian Dunn Roger Eaton Louis Ebright Nathan Ehrhart Daniel Enlow Mark Estepp
Kyle Evans (IN) Scott Evans (IN) Zane Fisher Jordan Flynn John Ford Doug Fox
Norm Franklin Troy Frazier Frank Gasho Johnny Greer Jim Grianzow Derrick Griffin
Brian Gumbert Toney Hackmey Tom Hackney Matt Hall (MI) Courtney Hannah Kevin Harmon
Tom Hellinga Kevin Henson Trevin Henson Bob Hicks Ryan Hoffman Paul Holley
Jess Holliday Jeff Hopkins Rick Howard (IN) Tim Howard Cheryl Hryn Rus Humes
Phil Iliff Shawn Iliff Greg Isbell Richard Isbell Rick James Lana Jarvis
Andy Jennings Chris Jennings Joseph Jennings Mark Jennings Matt Jennings Mark Johler
Kelly Jones Jared Keller Justin Kelley Robert Kelm Kelton Khechle Todd Kirk
Eric Kiser Randy Kretzinger Harry LaShure Chase Lane Colby Lane Terry Lange
Bill Leisure Bryan Lewis Buddy Luebke Brian Martin Jeremy Martin (OH) Jonathon Martin
Mark Mason Elliott McKinney Levi McMahan Patrick McNamara Fred Meyers Blaine Miller
Darren Miller Robby Mink, Jr. Jason Moorehead Ryan Morefield Rhonda Morningstar Keith Morris
Carl Muffley Eddie Myers Michael Myers Cory Neal Matt Norem Randy Owen
Dalton Parrish Paul Phipps Rod Phipps Ronnie Phipps Jonathon Pitts Timothy Plymate
Glenn Poole (IN) Bryant Ragsdale Brian Redmond Robert Reed (IN) Dan Reimersma Steve Reinholt
Brian Reynolds Chad Richardson Dan Ridmond A.J. Ridner Robert Ripberger Scott Ross
Scott Russo Adam Sandberg Chris Sandberg Bobby Sanders (IN) Destiny Sanders Ronnie Saunders
Jeff Saxon Michael Schaffer Cole Schroeder Ken Schuler Harry Schultz Jake Segvich
Chris Sellers Jeff Shelmadine Rick Siggers Chad Sizemore Brian Slavey Bob Smith
Mark Sontag, Jr. Jeff Sorrell Jim Spillers K.C. Spillers John Storck H.L. Stremme
Tom Taylor (IN) Aaron Teagarden Chris Teepe Ricky Tharp Nathan Thomas Troy Timms
Bubba Trinkle Mike Trinkle Lenny Tungate J.R. Vester James Vester Eric Vore
Jeff Vore Steve Vore Allison Vrba Randy Walton Nick Warner Pee Wee Warren
Jim Weber Chad Weeks R.J. Weick Kenny Weigold Steve Wells D.J. Werkmeister
John White (IN) Josh White Jeff Williams Jeff Williams, Jr. Roy Wilson (IN) Kevin Witmer
Caleb Woods Jacob Wyman Rob Wyman Todd Yarberry David Yoder Derick Young
Rex Zimmerman Ray Zirkle
224 drivers competed in the CRA FWD Compacts series.