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Corrigan Oil Speedway

.25 mi./0.402 km. Paved Oval located in Mason, MI
Opened: 1956 | Track In Operation

Previous Names: Spartan Speedway; Spartan Motor Speedway; Lansing Speedway

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The following table contains a list of all known touring series or major events held at this speedway. Think we're missing one or have the results to it? Contact us!

Date Sanction Winner Laps
3 September 1966 ARCA Racing Series Les Snow
29 July 1967 ARCA Racing Series Bill Clemons
14 June 1969 USAC National Midget Car Series Merle Bettenhausen
30 August 1978 MSPA Late Model Series Joy Fair
18 July 1979 MSPA Late Model Series Jim Terrill 75
16 July 1980 MSPA Late Model Series Mike Eddy
15 July 1981 MSPA Late Model Series Randy Sweet 50
14 July 1982 MSPA Late Model Series Gary Fedewa 82
17 June 1983 ARCA Permatex SuperCar Series Bob Dotter 100
28 June 1983 ARTGO Challenge Series Joe Shear 100
6 July 1983 MSPA Late Model Series Dennis Nyari
15 June 1984 ARCA Permatex SuperCar Series Lee Raymond 100
14 June 1985 ARCA Permatex SuperCar Series Bill Venturini 100
13 June 1986 ARCA Permatex SuperCar Series Bob Brevak 100
6 August 1989 Sprints on Dirt Gary Fedewa
27 May 1990 ARCA Quality Clutches Figure-8 Series John Briggs
1 July 1990 ARCA Quality Clutches Figure-8 Series Mike Champagne
1 July 1990 ARCA Loctite Midget Series Don Schilling
3 August 1990 ARCA Quality Clutches Figure-8 Series Robbie Loving
2 September 1990 ARCA Loctite Midget Series Doug Wright
2 September 1990 ARCA Quality Clutches Figure-8 Series Ken Ahlgren
26 June 1992 Sprints on Dirt Brett Mann
11 June 1993 Auto Value Sprints on Dirt Bill Tyler
10 June 1994 Sprints on Dirt John Turner
26 August 1994 Sprints on Dirt Jason McCord
7 September 1997 Michigan Independent Super Late Model Series Andy Bozell
2 August 1998 Auto Value Super Sprints Bill Tyler
1 July 2001 Iceman Super Car Series Fred Campbell 100
5 August 2001 Auto Value Super Sprints Jeff Bloom
22 June 2003 USPRO Cup Series Fred Campbell 50
7 September 2003 ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series Chad Guinn 106
7 September 2003 USPRO Cup Series Mike Carter (MI) 50
27 June 2004 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Brent Hook
12 June 2005 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Tommy Cook
6 August 2005 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Rob Buckley
23 June 2006 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Rob Buckley 75
23 July 2006 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Rob Buckley
24 June 2007 Bollhoff Rivnut SUPERPRO Series Rob Buckley
18 July 2008 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Chad Finley
10 July 2009 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Jason Dietsch 75
5 September 2010 SUPERPRO Late Model Series Claude Plante 50
27 May 2012 ARCA Allegiant Air Gold Cup Series Mike Luberda, Jr. 100
30 June 2013 ARCA Glass City Gold Cup Series Steve Cronenwett, Jr.
25 May 2014 Top Speed Fabrication Modified Tour Jordan Pruitt 75
26 July 2015 Broaster Chicken ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour Northern Division Jason Parish 100
4 September 2015 Vores Compact Touring Series North Division Jacob Alexander 30
29 July 2016 Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint Series Aaron Pierce
2 September 2016 Midwest Compact Touring Series Phil Malouf 30
1 September 2017 Midwest Compact Touring Series Chad Gray
24 June 2018 Midwest Compact Touring Series Wayne Stack
10 August 2018 Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprint Series Doug Dietsch
16 August 2019 Victory Custom Trailers CRA Junior Late Model Series Charlie Keeven 25

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