To Change a Series Name on the Driver Page

  1. Create a page for the new name of the series. For this example, let's call it "Super Duper Series"
  2. On the old page of the series (in this example the "Not Quite Super Duper Series", change the PointsTo attribute to point to the new series name.
  3. Go through each season page for the series and do a null edit (open the page and save without making changes).
    1. Swap "Points" for "Standings" on pages that used the old series name.
  4. This should complete the change. The series information may have to be switched elsewhere.

Ranking System

The Ranking System is stored at Series Ranking. The page lists series in order of importance.


  • Fix ASA Member Track National Championship (not displaying on drivers containing ".")
  • Fix ASA Late Model Sunoco National Tour (not displaying on any pages due to ancient coding and rediction to different name)
  • Fix Cornhusker-Hawkeye Challenge (drivers with 'Event Era' records only not displaying - shows on Curt Hansen, not on Ed Sanger)
  • Fix Southern All Star Super Late Model Series (inconsistent naming and 'main' page is not same as final series name - "Southern All Star Asphalt Series", "Southern All Star Super Late Model Series" and "O'Reilly Southern All Star Super Late Model Series" are all jumbled in the system)
  • Fix Whelen All-American Series (not displaying on many driver pages ex. Chris Turbush, Derrick Hicks, etc.)
  • Fix K&N East pre-1999
  • Fix K&N West
  • Fix ARCA Racing Series
  • Fix NASCAR Busch/O'Reilly All-Star Series
  • Fix United States Super Trucks National Championship Series
  • Migrate Top Speed Modified Tour to NTSA Top Speed Modified Tour
  • Migrate WoOLMS to use Craftsman title primarily.
  • Migrate Royal Truck and Trailer ARCA Late Model Glass City Gold Cup Series to ARCA Late Model Super 6 Gold Cup Series.
  • Migrate/fix CRA Super Series to ARCA CRA Super Series Powered by JEGS (header template reads current name but 'root' is at "simple"/old name)
  • Migrate CRA Late Model Sportsman to CRA Vore's Welding Late Model Sportsman Series Powered by JEGS
  • Migrate CRA Street Stocks to Lawrence Towing CRA Street Stock Series Powered by JEGS
  • Migrate Modified Racing Series to Valenti Modified Racing Series
  • Migrate Pro Four Modifieds of New England to New England Pro Four Modifieds
  • Migrate All Star Circuit of Champions to Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions
  • Fix weekly result templates (ex. Oxford Plains Speedway:06-01-2014)
  • Fix PASS Sportsman Series (2007-2011 individual driver pages at "PASS Sportsman" to "PASS Sportsman Series").
  • Fix ASA Minnesota Late Model Challenge Series (2003-2004 data lacks "ASA" in name)