Executive Race of Champions

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 2001 Series Disbanded: 2002
Car Style: Chevy Late Model Region: USA International Speedway
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Doug Wilson (4) Most Titles: Doug Wilson (1)
Number of Races: 7 Number of Drivers: 15
Project Status: AGAIG
The "Executive Race of Champions" was the 'house series' of the Cale Yarborough Executive Racing School at USA International Speedway. Intended to provide a "spec" series for graduates of the school to compete in, it used school-provided, maintained, and set-up cars for a planned schedule of ten 35-lap events a season.

After an initial proof-of-concept race in October 2001, the series planned its inaugural season for 2002. Six races into the season, however, the series appears to have stopped running; from the evidence, a combination of persistent handling problems with the cars, multiple accidents in the doubleheader that comprises the last known events for the series, and a lack of participation resulted in the series being quietly closed down. Doug Wilson was the points leader at the time the series folded.

Only partial results are available for the series' 2001 event. If you have any of the data we are missing, plese contact us.

Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2001 1 Aaron Dreher (1)
2002 6 Doug Wilson +185 Doug Wilson (4)