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GRT Legends Late Model Series

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: Legends Late Model Series (2019-2020); GRT Legends Late Model Series (2021); GRT Legends Late Model Series presented by SuperClean (2022)
Series Founded: 2019 Series active!
Car Style: Dirt Late Model Region: Arkansas
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Most Titles: Scott Freeman (2)
Number of Races: 26 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: Incomplete
The Third Turn has full results for the 2021 season and onwards of the GRT Legends Late Model Series, and has a full race schedule and winners for the 2020 Legends Late Model Series season. However we are lacking any information for the first half of the series' 2019 season; if you have information to help compile a full race rundown, please contact us.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2019 Scott Freeman
2020 8 Scott Freeman Brayden Proctor (3)
2021 8 Jason Miles +52 Jason Miles & Jon Kirby (2)
2022 10 Geoff Aitken +114 Chandler Petty (3)