Huey Wilcoxon Memorial

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Event Overview
Alternatively Known As: Huey Wilcoxon Memorial Rumble on the River (2014)
First Event Run: 2014 Event Still Contested
Car Style: Dirt Late Model Location: Potomac Speedway
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Jamie Lathroum (3) Most Top-Fives: Jamie Lathroum (5)
Number of Races: 6 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: COMPLETE
On 5 August 2020 The Third Turn completed backfilling the history of Potomac Speedway's Huey Wilcoxon Memorial, and will continue to cover the event in coming years. Note that the name of this event is often misspelled, even by the track itself, as "Huey Wilcoxen Memorial".

This event is unrelated to Lincoln Speedway's Billy Vacek/Huey Wilcoxon Memorial.

Year Date Track Winner
2014 31 August 2014 Potomac Speedway Jason Covert
2015 6 September 2015 Potomac Speedway Jamie Lathroum
2016 4 September 2016 Potomac Speedway Kenny Moreland
2017 3 September 2017 Potomac Speedway Jamie Lathroum
2018 2 September 2018 Potomac Speedway Dale Hollidge
2019 1 September 2019 Potomac Speedway Jamie Lathroum
2020 6 September 2020 Potomac Speedway Andy Anderson