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Main Event Racing Series

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: Main Event Racing Series (1997-2012; 2015-2017); Great Lakes Helicopter Main Event Racing Series (2013-2014); Sweet Manufacturing Main Event Outlaw Tour presented by Senneker Performance (2018-2019)
Series Founded: 1994 Series Disbanded: 2019
Car Style: Outlaw Super Late Model Region: Upper Midwest
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Rich Rohrer (18) Most Titles: Gary Whipkey (5)
Number of Races: 220 Number of Drivers: 506
Project Status: INCOMPLETE
Data for the 1994-1995 seasons is currently missing. Some data for 1997-1998 is incomplete; full race rundowns are available for all seasons from 1996 & 1999 onward. If you have any of the data that is missing, please contact us.

The series appears to have quietly folded after the dissolution of ICAR following the 2019 season.