Series: McLeod USA/Musco Lighting Gold Star Series
McLeod USA.jpg
Year Founded: 1996 Year Ended: STILL IN OPERATION
Most Wins: Dudley Fleck, Mike Tuma, Jeff Martin (3) Most Championships: Steve Carlson, Dudley Fleck, Mike Koeneke, Jeff Martin (1)
Season # Races Champion Point Cushion Driver With Most Wins
1996 6 Mike Koeneke N/A Mike Tuma (2)
1997 7 Jeff Martin +21 Jeff Martin (3)
1998 5 Dudley Fleck N/A Dudley Fleck (3)
1999 6 Steve Carlson +20 Steve Carlson (2)
0 drivers have competed in the 24 races of this series' history.
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