Midwest Big 10 Series Super Late Model

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: {{{FormerlyKnown}}}
Series Founded: 2013 Series active!
Car Style: Dirt Open Late Model Region: Illinois
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Steve Sheppard, Jr. (7) Most Titles: Brian Diveley (3)
Number of Races: 54 Number of Drivers: 58
Project Status: AGAIG
On January 18 2017, The Third Turn completed backfilling the history of the Midwest Big 10 Series' Super Late Model tour. Top 10 finishers are available for every race in series history, and only one race is missing a full-field rundown: the 2013 season finale at Lincoln Speedway. If you have any missing data, please contact us.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2013 10 Steve Sheppard, Jr. +6 Steve Sheppard, Jr. (6)
2014 10 Ryan Little, Brian Diveley +TIE Three drivers (2)
2015 8 Brian Diveley +38 Bobby Pierce (2)
2016 10 Brian Diveley +32 McKay Wenger (2)
2017 8 Greg Kimmons, Michael Kloos +TIE Michael Kloos (2)
2018 8 Jose Parga +24 Daryn Klein (4)