NCRA Promotions Modified Series

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 2020 Series active!
Car Style: IMCA-style Limited Modified Region: Central Great Plains
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Josh Vogt & Blake Moler (2) Most Titles: No Titles Awarded
Number of Races: 6 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: COMPLETE
During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the ownership of the National Championship Racing Association (NCRA) formed a new entity called "NCRA Promotions" to promote races during an abbreviated 2020 season. This tour mostly followed the traditional NCRA rulebook but opened up some of the specs in order to increase car counts. It did not award a championship. Due to this and how details were framed in the announcement PR, we believe this entity should be considered a separate statistical category from the traditional NCRA series and will separate it as such until otherwise proven. Please also note that as part of this unique arrangment, the limited modified class (usually called "AAA Modifieds") was given the "NCRA Modified" moniker, whereas the traditional NCRA Modified class raced under the "NCRA Pro Modified" moniker.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2020 6 Josh Vogt & Blake Moler (2)