SARA Late Model Series

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Series Overview
Alternatively Known As: SARA Key Bank and Trust Late Model Series (1999); SARA BMD Title Loan Late Model Series (2000); SARA Executive Racing School Sportsman Series (2001)
Series Founded: 1998 Series Disbanded: 2002
Car Style: Late Model Sportsman Region: Florida
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Wayne Morris (10) Most Titles:
Bobby Beauchemin (2)
Number of Races: 62 Number of Drivers: 194
Project Status: AGAIG
The Third Turn has at least partial results for every race in SARA Late Model Series history. Winners are available for all events, with most having partial finishing orders; full rundowns are available for 4 races in 1999, 5 in 2000, 13 in 2001 and 9 in 2002. Due to the obscurity of the series further data is likely to be scarce; if you have any of the information that we are missing, please contact us.

The series evolved out of the USAR Late Model Sportsman series that ran from 1995-1997.

Mike Abbott Chad Allman Tony Amico Dick Anderson Richie Anderson Wayne Anderson (FL)
Steve Arnold Richard Baer Mike Bailey (FL) Ed Baker Rusty Baker Brad Barkis
Dwayne Barrus Bobby Beauchemin Phillip Bessette Billy Bigley, Jr. Jimbo Bjorkland Steve Black
Mike Blankenship, Jr. Todd Blevins Jeremy Bowser Joe Bowser (FL) Jason Boyd (FL) Joe Boyd
Scott Bramlett Kevin Brickley Richard Brinson Jonathan Brown (FL) Matt Brune Dawayne Bryan
Jimmy Castleberry Marty Catrett Tommy Cavaney Dustin Chambers Bill Chapman Brent Chilson
Mike Cioffi David Clegg Bill Close Larry Cook (FL) Todd Cooper George Couse
Charlie Coyle George Crenshaw Scott Crisafulli Scott Crissifulli Jason Crossey Dan Crowe
Joe Crowe Ray Cuzzone Ross Darcy Roger Davis Dwayne Dempsey Steve Dorer
Donny Duchesne Jeffrey Dufresne Jay Dunham Dave Dunkin Kevin Durden Randy Dye
Richard Elkins Ed Evans Lee Faulk Michael Faulk Chris Fontaine Vince Formosa
Randy Fox Al Fradette Mike Galloway Peter Garrod Jeremy Geiger Tommy Gibbs
Kendrick Gomez Jorge Gonzalez Mike Greenwell Troy Hall Ollie Harbin Tim Harrington
Danny Harris, III David Hart Mitch Hawk Richie Henry Brad Hoggatt Brian Hollifield
Ritchie Holt Mike Hovis Edward Howell Sonny Hughes Brian Hutcheson Bill Ingram
Kevin Ingram John Jackson (UK) Royce Johnston Greg Kaouk Jim Keating Richard Kelley
Richard Kelley, Jr. Richard Kelly, Jr. Greg Kielma Jonathan Kievman Eddie King Michael King
Tommy King Ken Kinney Bill Klinke Scott Lagasse, Jr. Bruce Lawrence Chris Lawrence
Chris Libak Keith Lilley Ron Lofquist David Logan John Lovelady Stuart Lycett
Marlon Lynn Wade Lynn Daniel Maddox Bobby Mara Buzz Martin Brad May
Jim McCoy Travis McCoy Mike McCrary, Jr. Leo McCullough Gary McGoron Jeremy Meier
Matt Mercer Jay Middleton Eddie Miller Heath Mills Doug Moff Glen Morris
Wayne Morris Phil Morrison George Murphy Kevin Murphy (FL) Mike Murphy (FL) Jim Nall
Ronny New Andy Nicholls Rick Northey Dan O'Connell Brent O'Neill Howard Osteen
Larry Osteen Gary Padula Rick Penton Keith Perry (FL) Chad Pierce Marty Pierce
Von Pope Tracey Raven Dustin Reeh George Richardson Stuart Robertson Dusty Robinson
Mark Ross Tim Russell Bill Ryan Shane Sawyer Kim Scheffler Keith Schoonover
Paul Schrein Jeff Scofield Chip Shell Bobby Shelton Ronnie Skipper Clint Slaggy
Robbie Smith Ronnie Smith Steve Smith (Lakeland, FL) Robbie Storer Joe Strehle Derek Strong
Joe Sumansky Steve Tregear Chris Turner Brian Washburn Bryan Washburn Clint Wasteney
Joey Watkins David Weaver Frank Welch John West Michael Williams Jason Williamson
Nolan Wilson Rick Wilson Joe Winchell Jeff Wogoman Chuck Wolfe Roger Wrenn
Cale Yarborough Tommy Younkman
194 drivers are known to have competed in the SARA Late Model Series.