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Event Overview
Formerly Known As: {{{FormerlyKnown}}}
First Event Run: 2004 Event Still Contested
Car Style: Dirt Super Late Model Location: Volunteer Speedway
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Jimmy Owens (3) Most Top-Fives: Scott Bloomquist (9)
Number of Races: 15 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: Complete
On 24 December 2018 The Third Turn completed backfilling historical data for the Scorcher and will continue to cover the event in future seasons.

Note that in 2008 and 2010 the Scorcher was run as weekend doubleheaders with both events being of equal length and standing. Due to technical limitations the main statistical tables on drivers' invididual result pages will only display one race for these years however the aggregates on drivers' individual result pages and drivers' main pages show the correct totals including both races.

The event was rained out in 2015, and was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with Bristol Motor Speedway in 2018.

Year Date Track Winner
2004 26 August 2004 Volunteer Speedway Randle Chupp
2005 25 August 2005 Volunteer Speedway Rick Eckert
2006 24 August 2006 Volunteer Speedway Scott Bloomquist
2007 23 August 2007 Volunteer Speedway Chris Madden (SC)
2008 20 August 2008 Volunteer Speedway Jimmy Owens
2008 21 August 2008 Volunteer Speedway Shane Clanton
2009 20 August 2009 Volunteer Speedway Tim McCreadie
2010 19 June 2010 Volunteer Speedway Scott Bloomquist
2010 18 June 2010 Volunteer Speedway Jimmy Owens
2011 25 August 2011 Volunteer Speedway Jimmy Owens
2012 23 August 2012 Volunteer Speedway Billy Ogle, Jr.
2013 22 August 2013 Volunteer Speedway Chris Madden (SC)
2014 21 August 2014 Volunteer Speedway Dale McDowell
2016 18 August 2016 Volunteer Speedway Jonathan Davenport
2017 17 August 2017 Volunteer Speedway Dale McDowell