The Third Turn is an open-source project in which users are free to create an account and help contribute. Our administration team plays close attention to moderate comments and maintain historical accuracy on race results.

There are very specific needs The Third Turn has in terms of racing historical research. Any help, big or small, is genuinely appreciated. This page will list our biggest priorities and needs but does not necessarily list all of our research needs.

If you can help fill in any of these specific needs or have other racing history you'd like to share, drop us an email by filling out this form or emailing For research purposes, it is very important that our staff be able to verify the authenticity of any results sent in. Thus, a direct newspaper scan is preferred. Inquire via email if you have any questions.

Trade Papers

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The Third Turn would appreciate volunteers who can scan in or otherwise provide information from specific papers that cover racing's past.

Papers we are especially keen on seeing, in alphabetical order:

  • Area Auto Racing News - Northeast coverage
  • Late Model Digest - Especially keen on paper's early years (1988-2000)
  • Midwest Racing News
  • National Speed Sport News
  • Southern Auto Racing News
  • Speedway Scene - Northeast coverage (1975 - present)
  • Wheelspin Racing News - Canadian coverage


The Third Turn keeps a detailed and automatically updated list of races with incomplete results to them. You can view the list here.

Results to any of these races are appreciated and can be sent to us via this form or by

Top 2014 Priorities

The Third Turn has twelve remaining target priorities for the 2014 calendar year. Ranked in relative order of need & importance.

1. ASA National Tour

  • Status: Series is complete from 1990 forward and we have located results from 1978 forward and will be filling this data in over the spring.
  • Needs: Race results from 1973 to 1977. Official ASA race reports are also appreciated as many of our full field rundowns do not have things such as car #s, starting position, sponsors, etc.,
  • Incomplete races list

2. Southern All Star & Florida Pro race listings

  • Status: These two southern series, which started in the 1990s, have a bit of an unknown past. We have complete champions listing for these two series, but a full race-by-race winner's list remains elusive. The Southern All Star Series began in 1990 and Florida Pro in 1993.
  • Needs: Southern All Star race-by-race winners for 1990 thru 1993. Florida Pro Series race-by-race winners for 1993 thru 1996. Full results for those years and any up to 2001 also a plus.

3. ALL PRO Super Series

  • Status: Complete results found for about 90% of series races. Still processing
  • Needs: Results for the handful of incomplete races. Official series race reports always a plus.
  • Incomplete races list

4. NASCAR Southwest Series

  • Status: Complete from 1991 forwards. Handful of full results for 1986 through 1990.
  • Needs: Results for the incomplete races, especially if they are official NASCAR race reports.
  • Incomplete races list


6. PCLMS from 1954-1964

  • Status: NASCAR West Series results from 1965 to modern day are complete. Very little is known about the early years of the tour (54-64). Not even NASCAR has a complete race listings.
  • Needs: Any full-field results to races confirmed in publication as a "Pacific Coast Late Model Challenge Series" event.

7. Misc. Short Track Results

8. SMART Modifieds

9. Track Champions

10. Smyrna Speedweeks

11. ARTGO Early Years

  • Status: Series history is complete from 1975 (one race), 1982 and then 1984 forwards. Need full results to a handful of races from 1976-1983.
  • Needs: Any full results to the ARTGO incomplete races list

12. Series Champions & Years

  • Status: A number of series of racing's past have crossed our radar, but The Third Turn has so little information regarding these series that we have not really collected most of the data yet.
  • Needs: Looking for any information - years, champions, # of races, etc., for:
    • Michigan Speedway Promoters Association
    • NASCAR Northwest Challenge - pre-date the Elite Division (74-84)
    • Northwest Superstock Association
    • Rainier Tri-Track Late Model Series (Northwest, mid-80s)
    • Pacific Auto Competitors Association
    • International Drivers Challenge
    • Export A Challenge Series
    • QUASCAR - Quebec-based series
    • Galaxy Late Model Series (70s).
    • Players Challenge Series