This page will document and define The Third Turn's projects and project terminology. This is a work in progress.

What Is a Project?

A project is coverage of a specific and well-defined statistical area - series, drivers, tracks, etc., - with a goal of reaching a status of completion.

Project Status

  • Completion - A full field rundown to every race in the series' history is documented on The Third Turn. This does not mean that every race has all possible race information included (i.e. driver car #s, driver sponsors, driver laps complete, caution data, lap leader data, etc.,). Rather, this simply means what we consider the "core" statistical goal, which is finishing position for every series driver ever, accomplished.
  • AGAIGG - Stands for As Good As It's Gonna Get. The status is used when The Third Turn has published all information it has on the series in question. To get the project to completion, The Third Turn will need extra information provided from outside sources. In AGAIGG, at a base, every race in series history is listed on The Third Turn with a winner's list. On top, there may be a significant portion of races with full field rundowns but the project is not complete because at least one race missing the full field rundown.
  • In Progress - The Third Turn has information on the series yet to publish. This is the only active status of a project on The Third Turn. Completion and AGAIGG are considered successful terminal points of a project whereas In Search (detailed below) is considered stalled.
  • In Search - The Third Turn has very limited information on the series and may have some data on the series, but can not consider the series at the base level specified in AGAIGG without extra information.