USAC California North Ford Focus Midget Car Series

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 2003 Series Disbanded: 2004
Car Style: D2 Midget Region: Northern California
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Josh Lakatos (5) Most Titles: Josh Lakatos & Bradley Galedrige (1)
Number of Races: 26 Number of Drivers: 67
Project Status: COMPLETE
In January 2019, The Third Turn finished adding this series. Note: This evolved as a split from the USAC Ford Focus Midget Car Series series that ran in 2002, and ended at the start of 2005 when the California concept was revised from geographical (North and South) to track type (Pavement and Dirt). While as a general concept, the series was continuous from 2002 forward, the different methods and construction of the tours makes each era statistically separate in our record books.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2003 9 Josh Lakatos +4 Three Drivers (2)
2004 17 Bradley Galedrige +63 Bradley Galedrige (4)