USAC Fast Masters Championship

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 1993 Series Disbanded: 1993
Car Style: Jaguar XJ220 Region: Indianapolis Raceway Park
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Bobby Unser (3) Most Titles: Bobby Unser (1)
Number of Races: 13 Number of Drivers: 42
Project Status: COMPLETE
In October 2014, The Third Turn published complete data on this series' only season of 1993.

One heat race does not have finishing positions for 2nd-4th of 4 drivers, but all other data is entirely available.

Fast Masters was an "all-star" made-for-TV series, pitting invited racers, all over age 50, in identically-prepared Jaguar XJ220s, provided by Tom Walkinshaw Racing, at Indianapolis Raceway Park in the summer of 1993, as part of ESPN's Saturday Night Thunder series.

Sanctioned by USAC, the series was scheduled to run five preliminary elimination events, with the sixth week being the championship event. The original plan was for each week's racing to have two events, one on the IRP oval, and the other on a "roval" course with an added dogleg inside oval turn one. The drivers in each of the two races would receive points in inverse order (10 for first, 1 for second), with the top two drivers advancing to the final.

However the first weekend's races nearly saw the end of the series, as several accidents to the $750,000 cars saw TWR's lawyers and insurance agents suggesting that the series be ended, or that drivers run only two at a time, due to the cost of repairs. A compromise was reached in which all races would be run on the "roval", the remaining weekends' races comprising a preliminary "heat race", the four slowest of eight (instead of ten) drivers per weekend competing in the heat, with the winner advancing to join the fastest four drivers in the "feature", the top two finishers in the feature advancing to the finals.

The final weekend consisted of two heat races to set the field for the main event, with the top three cars from each five-car heat advancing to the championship event. The final race to settle the series was won by Bobby Unser; due to the expense of the series, plans for the event to be run in future years were dropped.

Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
1993 13 Bobby Unser Bobby Unser (3)