USAC Ford Focus Midget Car Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: {{{FormerlyKnown}}}
Series Founded: 2002 Series Disbanded: 2002
Car Style: D2 Midget Region: California
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Todd Hunsaker (5) Most Titles: Todd Hunsaker (1)
Number of Races: 18 Number of Drivers:
Project Status: COMPLETE
In December 2017, The Third Turn added this series. This "series" was the inaugural effort of the Ford Focus Midget Cars. It was reorganized in 2003 into two divisions - California North and California South. As these two series evolved independently, it does not make sense to consider this the precursor to either series. Other Focus Series evolved in the years to come, with their region always between the "USAC" and "Ford Focus" part of the series title. You can find a full list of them on our Series Database:Index
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2002 18 Todd Hunsaker +101 Todd Hunsaker (5)