USAC SLVRA Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series

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Series Overview
Formerly Known As: USAC SLVRA Port-O-Call Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series (2003-2004); USAC SLVRA Young Automotive Rocky Mountain Sprint Car Series (2005-2011)
Series Founded: 2003 Series Disbanded: 2011
Car Style: Wingless Sprint Region: Northern Rocky Mountains
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Jim Waters (17) Most Titles: Jimmy Wysong & Jim Waters (3)
Number of Races: 91 Number of Drivers: 126
Project Status: COMPLETE
In January 2019, The Third Turn finished backfilling the complete statistical history of this series. Please note that prior to 2003, the SLVRA group did sanction a sprint car series. USAC policy when it begins sanctioning a series is to reset the statistics of that series and begin counting with a clean slate. As the series did not continue on after USAC stopped sanctioning it, we count the USAC years as its own, independent racing series. If we are able to backfill the SLVRA history prior to 2003, we will do so in a different section.
Season Races Champion Margin Most Wins
2003 12 Jim Waters +15 Jimmy Wysong (3)
2004 9 Jim Waters +55 Jim Waters (5)
2005 11 Jimmy Wysong +77 Jimmy Wysong (5)
2006 12 Jimmy Wysong +37 Jimmy Wysong (6)
2007 9 Ryan Burdett +62 Three Drivers (2)
2008 8 JoJo Helberg +23 Ryan Burdett (3)
2009 8 Mike Murgoitio +63 Mike Murgoitio (4)
2010 10 Jimmy Wysong +19 Ryan Burdett (3)
2011 12 Jim Waters +10 Jim Waters & Ryan Burdett (4)