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USAC Stock Car Series

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Series Overview
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Series Founded: 1956 Series Disbanded: 1984
Car Style: Stock Car Region: National (primarily Midwest)
Quick Stats
Most Wins: Don White (52) Most Titles: Butch Hartman (5)
Number of Races: 436 Number of Drivers: 1087
Project Status: AGAIGG
In December 2014, The Third Turn ported in as much information as we have on the USAC Stock Car Series. Results are complete from 1971 to 1984. Multiple races from 1956-1970 have complete results or at least top-fives.

Statistician's Note: Only races that counted toward the USAC National Championship count in our series portal. That means Pikes Peaks Hill Climb or 1956 USAC Pacific Coast/Short Track championship races are not included. USAC was inconsistent in the past on how to award those feature wins. Both the Hill Climb and the 1956 USAC non-national divisions will be added in the future as their own events. Also, while USAC often nodded to the AAA Stock Car Series (1950-1955) as the origin of their division, it did not count those feature wins.