daNASCAT (usertalkcontribs)

I am User:DaNASCAT, formally known as "Slim Tim daNASCAT Shiverin Quievryn", though everyone (for their own sanity) calls me "Timmy Quivy" for short. I am the founder and administrator at The Third Turn, where I continue in my racing research and community-based roles. I am currently finishing up my degree in Software & Information Services from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after a year-and-a-half stint at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to The Third Turn, I have been working on a novel and am writing (from time-to-time) a sociological study of how open-source Wikis are going to affect how upcoming generations both analyze and create facts & information.

I'm trying to get more actively involved with the central community for a number of reasons, so if you have come here for my expertise in:

  1. CSS Skin Styling
  2. How to best utilize Semantic MediaWiki on Wikia
  3. Utilizing py-Wikipedia bot
  4. Coldplay, NASCAR, indie rock, internet theory, or classical literature,

...You have come to the right place. Actually, if you clicked my User name, then you probably meant to come to my page even if your reason is not on the list. So welcome.

Getting in Contact With Me

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