Hi, welcome to The Third Turn! Thanks for your edit to the 1987 Coca-Cola Fall Final page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- DaNASbot (Talk) 02:10, 16 April 2009

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Hello, Alstefj, see you just got the message from out automated site welcomer. Thanks very much for filling in those blanks from the '87 Fall Final! I had the results in a box of Speedway Scenes, but they're currently stored at my old residence and haven't been able to reach them! Hopefully, you'll find we have a lot of old Modified information here. Let me know if you ever need anything. --DaNASCAT 02:14, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

Also just saw what you have on your user page. I remember reading those reports! Can't believe how long ago those seem now. Unfortunately, my main holes in the Mods exist between 1991 and 1998 too, though I have procured most of the results from 1995-1998, so 1991-1994 is what our site will still be missing by the end of next month. --DaNASCAT 02:23, 16 April 2009 (UTC)
Here are some other races I would appreciate if you might be able to locate a few missing drivers. Thanks for filling in a few gaps so far. 1988 Winston 150 (last place finisher; first name of Steve) and 1986 Outside Pole Qualifier (a few stragglers). Thanks --DaNASCAT 02:59, 21 April 2009 (UTC)
One last thing: 1987 7-Up 151. The results I copied from the old Mod Series Scene lists Jeff Fuller as finishing 6th and 25th. I'm not near my Speedway Scenes at the moment. Could you double check it out, b/c I think it's Rick Fuller who finished 25th.

Yep, I just confirmed that NASCAR points show Sheppard with six starts and with that Riverhead race he'd have seven. I'm going to keep working on 1994-1998 after finishing up '86 and '87 here; I should have all but one or two races from those years in about a month, so please keep on stopping by. Appreciate you doing this; quite sure you've never used a Wiki software before, but you'll get used to how this stuff works. Cheers, Tim
Oi, thanks for the heads up on that race. The late Lou Cady granted me access to copy his stats over a few months before he died, and I always found it curious that 42 cars would start on a track that normally let 25-30 BGN cars on track. Do you per chance have any more DNQ lists? They're impossible to find from that era and I'm even missing some DNQ lists from 1999 or 2000 if your archives include those. Again, your help is greatly appreciated. - Tim
Thanks for the DNQs in the 1999 Spring Sizzler. However, are you sure that one of the DNQers was named "Kevin Oloughlin" (I can't find anything on Google on him) - Tim
Yeah, it can be frustrating. But some names are really fun. My last name is actually Quievryn, so I'm a sucker for interesting names like "Oloughin". The hardest part, I have found, is figuring out which Brunnhoelzl is which and trying to figure out if a typo is a typo or not (i.e., Dan Macello I am forced to turn into Don Marcello). Anyway, since you say it is Oloughin, I will plug him and those other drivers into the final year end points. UPDATE: TOTALLY NOT FRUSTRATED ANYMORE. Have just obtained the full race results from 1991-1994, maybe more. Will try to work on them ASAP as soon as I receive them.
Hey, thanks for doing the 1999 DNQs, I appreciate them a lot. Do you mind double-checking the DNQ lists I had already posted from 1999. Most of them were just based off cars that didn't make the field based off the final entry list - perhaps a few withdrew or a few names were added. Also, by any chance, do you have the 1998 results to these races - 1998 Budweiser 150, 1998 Shaw's 250, 1998 Challenge of Champions or the 1998 Cam 2 Motor Oil 200. I'm certain I have the results in some old Speedway Scenes I forgot to scan in, but I'm not going to be able to get near my SS collection until Thursday, so I'd love to go ahead and try to finish the 1998 FMS if these were part of the 1998 records you didn't lose? Thanks as always, -Tim
Really, thanks, I appreciate your error checks. These records are also going straight into the NASCAR PR computers, so I should probably fix things like this. -Tim
That is an interesting observation. Give me about a week, (I'll keep the results as is for now) and I will probably have a thorough answer for that. - daNASCAT
Thanks for the heads up about the 2003 ASB 150. It's actually on the site, I just hadn't had put it in the Category of 2003 races. But it's been categorized and following the top race-navigation item at the top of each page (a.k.a Previous Race/Season Index/Next Race), it was there all along. I am adding the final two races as we speak. In other words, after finishing up the two 1995 races I was missing, we now have all 505 races in the series history. I will fix the Stefanik error in 1995 after that and then I will answer your Bolles question from 88 (I think it was) soon. Mike Christopher finished 32nd, Stefanik 28th in that 1995 Thompson race. As for the Tom Bolles race in 1990 at Jennerstown, NASCAR's official PR did not give him credit even for 22nd, so he is off the rundown. I will, however, raise your point in the notes section. Best, Tim

Can you do me a favor and check out the 1987 M.J. Sullivan Chevrolet 100 at Waterford? I've got conflicts between my 21st and 24th place finishers and NASCAR's record of them. Also, check out 17th. NASCAR says the driver was a "B. Thomas", but we have Dave Thomas. Thanks. - Tim

Carl, I haven't gotten a chance to thank you for your further additions (error checking esp.) to the site recently. I have been busy working with Alan Boodman of Racing-Reference on tying up the loose ends of the CWWS results NASCAR released from 71-09. But regardless, double checking and updating our pages based on your findings is next on the list. Thanks as always! -Tim


Thanks for noticing the Stan Greger/Stan Gregor (you say tomato, I say tomatow) error. Going by old NASCAR race reports, that's what I get sometimes. =P. Anyway, appreciate it and I'll make sure the series centrals also fix on name. --DaNASCAT 03:10, September 27, 2009 (UTC)